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NEW TOOLS OF INNOVATION: WAZER, SHAPER, AND MORE Projects: +22 DIY ∫ Deer-Head Hat Rack ∫ Leaf-Blower Pitching Machine ∫ Raspberry Pi Weather Station ∫ Brew Your Own Mead Desktop Fabrication 2017 REGULAR AND EXOTIC FILAMENTS Ultimate Guide to THIS T BES YEAR'S N ER T I R P 3D PRUSA i3 MK2 TOTALLY OPEN SOURCE BEST PRINT TESTS EVER! JUMBO VOLUME 9.84 " × 8.3 " × 8 " HOT NEW MACHINES TESTED AND REVIEWED 3D PRINTERS CNCS LASERS AND HYBRIDS 30 SKILL BUILDERS: How to Use a Miter Box What Is G-Code Anyway? | | 3D-Print a High-Power ELECTRIC UNICYCLE Vol. 54 December 2016/January 2017

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