BellaSpark Jan/Feb 2012 : Page 7

Metaphysical Celebrations ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE MIND, BODY, SPIRIT AND PLANET Denver Fair March 16-18 DENVER MERCHANDISE MART KEYNOTE: Colorado Springs April 13-15 COLORADO SPRINGS CITY AUDITORIUM KEYNOTE: DR. STEVEN FARMER Best Selling Author of “Earth Magic” FEATURED NATIONAL WORKSHOPS BY JAMES WANLESS Creator of the Voyager Tarot Deck and Author of “Way of the Great Oracle” FEATURED NATIONAL WORKSHOP BY GINI GENTRY, Author of “Dreaming Down Heaven” KELLY SULLIVAN WALDEN -“DR. DREAM” Author of “I Had The Strangest Dream” GARY McDONALD, Author of “Everything You Need To Know To Get Into Heaven” VISIT CELEBRATIONFAIR.COM FOR SCHEDULES, PRICING, AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OUR FAIRS. FAIR TIMES: FRIDAY 1 pm -9 pm | SATURDAY 10 am -7 pm | SUNDAY 10 am -6 pm | ADMISSION IS $5 DAILY | READINGS ARE $20 FOR 20 MINUTES | KEYNOTES ARE $20 Celebration Community Network Planetary planning for the transformations ahead. Join Dannion Brinkley, Gary Douglas and Shanti Toll in celebrating our 100th Metaphysical Fair February 1, 2012 Re-introduction A website supporting Holistic Lifestyles and Metaphysical Explorations

Metaphysical Celebration