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                                                                                                            AWAKENING ZONE It’s Important… Do you have a dream that is aching to come to life, …but you’ve closed your heart to it? Maybe you’re ready to live the life you want, …but you’re stuck in life issues that feel scary or hopeless? Stop looking outside yourself When you’re feeling afraid, stuck and hopeless, you lose your energy, wellbeing, and desire. You and your world suffer. You might even have given up because all those instant “fixes” don’t work and nothing changes for the better in your life. Well… there is another way! and start looking within! Lonnie’s Resonance Healing sessions are a good place to start. You’ll find a time-proven, interactive, loving process that leads you to Your Own Inner Awakening . You get the exact help you need now to get unstuck, move forward, and live from your most authentic Self. Don’t waste another minute living someone else’s dreams. Call today and start loving your own! The more sessions you have, the more alive you become. Since 1996, Lonnie has helped people from all walks, to heal themselves, and to bring their dreams to life. She specializes in freeing people who suffer from the pain of addiction and fear. Private sessions are available in person and by phone. “The real, glorious spirit of who I AM is arising. I trust you. I’m grateful.” — Susan Jones, KS Lonnie Nordell 970.221.3890 January/February 2012 BellaSpark 3

Awakening Zone