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TWO FABULOUS EVENTS IN THE MAGICAL RED ROCKS OF SEDONA, AZ! Gregg Gre egg eg gg B Braden r a den d in Sedona a -*7*/(0/5)&&%(&&#1b;5)3*7*/(*/      THE WORLD’S PERFECT STORM 'SJEBZ'FC&#0d;
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t&#1a;&#1b;BN&#0e;&#1b;QN    &BSMZCJSEUJDLFUTCPUIEBZT     &#1a;GPSQSFGFSSFETFBUJOH   'SJEBZFWFOJOHPOMZ   In this compelling all new program, bestselling author and futurist Gregg Braden marries his expertise in science and spirituality with information from his newly released book “Deep Truth”. Heart W He Wi Wisdom i isdom Conf Conference nfe fere ence (FOFSBMTFBUJOH
t1SFGFSSFE     FRIDAY FEB 3, & SATURDAY FEB 4, 2012 MARCH 2-4, 2012 Opening keynotes Dr. Joe Dispenza & Cynthia James! Workshop available on March 5th with Dr. Joe Dispenza Dr. Joe Dispenza Cynthia James For tickets: Call 928.451.4670 or toll free 866.304.8700 or email )FBSU8JTEPN+PVSOFZT&#0f;DPN ) F B S U 8 J T E P N + P V S O F Z T &#0f; D P N journeys Kelley Alexander Sunny Dawn Johnston Ronna Prince Wulfing von Rohr LLC 4BUVSEBZ4VOEBZ,FZOPUF1SFTFOUFST    Conversations with our keynote speakers BOEPUIFSJOTQJSJOHQSFTFOUFST    Motivating, M o t iv a t ing , ins inspiring p ir i ng w workshops! o rk sh ops! F Fabulous a b ul o u s e exhibitors! x hib h i t o r s! LIVE PAIN FREE Increase Vitality, Wellness and Energy Tired of living in pain? Are you suffering from Joint Pain or Muscle Aches? Do you need relief from Emotional Stress, Anxiety or Depression? All About Health, LLC uses Energy Kinesiology to balance the body’s Structure, Muscles and Emotions, relieving the pain of life. • Allowing the body's natural energy flow to heal itself. • Experience Peace, Balance and Harmony • Get relief Today from, Emotional Pain, Headaches, Backaches, • Knee, Leg or Hip Pain, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, TMJ, or just sore tight muscles. ww w ww w w. w . l o n g m o n t a c u . c o m Safeguard afeguard Y Yo Your our Immune System W ant Want nt to stay healthy this without antibiotics? cold and flu season w We methods to reduce stress, W e provide natural m immunity, strengthen immunity y and increase wellness. wellness Call us for a free health assessment at 303-834-9188. We accept health insurance. Healing You Naturally… • • • • Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Prescriptions Medical Qigong Tai Chi Classes Call Today 307-514-9735 All About Health 1507 Stillwater Ave. • Cheyenne, WY 82009 Discover your Reason for Being, Achieve your Personal Best, Enhance Wellness. 385 Main Street, Unit D, Longmont, CO January/February 2012 BellaSpark 9

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