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November/December 2011 • Number 930 Top 10 Reasons to Consider Grower-Specific ERP Software By Lisa Hattery fficiently managing resources is becoming increasingly important across all industries, large and small. In the horticulture industry, where inventory is constantly growing, dying, and shifting, it is especially important to be resourceful, and even more important that the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software matches a grower’s unique process. Software for “widgets” just will not do. E Grower-specific software is designed just for the distinct problems growers face every day – the software fits your process, not the other way around. You should not have to change your process to work with generic software. Without further adieu, here are the top 10 reasons every grower should consider a grower-specific ERP software system: 1. Production Management from Seed to Sale Production management software essentially allows users to plan what quantities they want to have available and when. The system then drives production of that plant material from ordering bill of materials, seeding or sticking cuttings, transplants, and all tasks associated with production. Additionally, production management software will give you better visibility of stock inventory, order demand, demand Continued on page 7 Cross Promotion: Partnering With Other Businesses to Better Serve Your Customers By Kathleen Kelley H ow can garden centers, retail nurseries, and similar agribusinesses provide customers with a complete package when creating or enhancing their outdoor living space? With the addition of decking, lighting, and outdoor kitchens it is possible that one retailer does not provide all that is needed to complete the desired outcome, and in some cases the customer does not have the ability to recreate a landscape they see displayed at a garden center. One idea to resolve these issues is to partner with business owners who sell complementary goods and services, thus the two businesses work together to Inside this Edition... Top 10 Reasons to Consider Grower-Specific ERP Software Getting Customers in the Door Using Google Places – Part 1 Branching Agents Improve Quality of Herbaceous Perennial Liners O F A B u l l e t i n 1 Cross Promotion: Partnering With Other Businesses 1 to Better Serve Your Customers 2 4 Simple Checks for Better Irrigation Roadside Signs: The New Rules Making Money on Holiday Arrangements: The University Florist Model How Much Water & Nitrogen is Wasted When a Hose is Used? Optimizing Fertilization Rates for Graziosa Geraniums This is a member benefit of OFA – The Association of Horticulture Professionals. 1 10 13 15 17 19 AFE Research Report: Insect Management Ask the Doctor Employee Training: Foundation of Workplace Safety Programs OFA Member Spotlight OFA News 22 24 26 27 28 help customers obtain a complete “package.” Promoting goods and services offered by business owners you have an existing and trusted relationship with takes the guesswork out of where to direct customers, and your recommendation also helps reduce the risk for your customers. Such a situation, known as cross promotion, is based on two (or more) businesses working together toward a common goal, whether it relates to promotion, advertising, cause Continued on page 9

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