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1912-2012 Our Present: It’s the combination that counts Inside every DEKALB seed bag is a unique product that incorporates exclusive genetics, advanced breeding techniques, innovative trait integration and the potential for maximum yield performance. With DEKALB corn and soybean genetics, combined with leading Genuity ® traits, we have the best products for your farm. For 2012, the DEKALB brand will bring yet another innovation to market with Genuity ® RIB Complete TM FRUQSURGXFWV2IIHULQJÀH[LELOLW\DQGFRQYHQLHQFH&#0f;IDUPHUVGRQRWKDYHWR ZRUU\DERXWSODQWLQJDVHSDUDWH&#0f;VWUXFWXUHGUHIXJH±LW¶VDOOLQWKHEDJ 1998 Roundup Ready corn introduced; DEKALB joins Monsanto family 2005 2004 YieldGard Plus hybrids introduced 2009 1963 First volume single cross, DEKALB XL45 launched Full soybean Genuity ® lineup under Roundup Ready 2 DEKALB Yield ® brand name soybeans introduced DEKALB ® Genuity ® RIB Complete TM hybrids introduced 2012 2010 1985 Company name officially changed to DEKALB Corporation 2003 1996 Roundup Ready ® soybeans introduced 2007 YieldGard VT Triple ® hybrids introduced 1997 YieldGard ® Corn Borer hybrids introduced YieldGard Rootworm hybrids introduced Genuity ® SmartStax ® and Genuity ® VT Double PRO TM hybrids introduced 2012 DEKALB SEED GUIDE 3

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