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The Everyday Advocate: Standing Up for Your Child with Autism Reviewed by Judy Tallent Areva Martin, ESQ., the author of The Everyday Advocate: Standing Up for Your Child with Autism, is a Harvard educated attorney, specializing in Individual Rights. She is the founder of Special Needs Network, Inc., and the mother of a child with autism. As a nationally recognized autism advocacy expert, Avena Martin has appeared on Good Morning America, Fox News, and the Dr. Phil Show. The Everyday Advocate: Standing Up for Your Child with Autism, offers understanding of life with a child who is autistic. The Author writes with wisdom and authority and provides answers, along with advice, about dealing with the challenges faced with an autistic child. While the book is written about autism, it is written in a very practical manner and could be applied to any child with special needs. It provides information, suggestions and resources that are available. It also explains how to be an advocate for your child with teachers, school administrators and doctors. I would highly recommend this book, it empowers parents and caregivers with knowledge and information when seeking help for the challenges they face with a special needs child. Price: $14.87 From W in it! Reviewed by PSN Team Escapes Music For Relaxing These days it seems like everyone is in a rush. Got to get to work, school, therapy, dinner, sporting games… name it. What ever happened to stopping to smell the roses? Well, for those of us who wish to slow down a bit, if only for an hour, then this CD is for you. In a world of the average CD providing us with between 38 and 45 minutes of music. This CD at 60:03 seems quite a value. It gives us more original compositions (15) AND the added value of truly relaxing us in the process. Who couldn’t benefit from a bit more relaxing? The all-instrumental compositions of Jeff feature piano, guitar, and the occasional synthesizer string section. Whether simply listening for the pleasure of the writing, or using it to help calm down and soothe a child or oneself, there is something in here for all. The music could easily be used for massage, yoga, meditation, or de-stressing. One of Jeff’s favorite fans is his 14 year old nephew, Russell, who was born with a neurological disorder. Russell’s says that “Uncle Jeff’s” music really helps him relax and “feel better” . We at PSN agree and can see how listening to “Escapes” could definitely help therapists, teachers and parents using music to evoke a calm, relaxed and peaceful sleep state with children. Because the music is free of true, rhythmic instrumentation (drums), it exists in a fermata and legato arrangement that allows one to “go where the music takes you” . Of particular interest are selections 4,6,8,11,14, and 15. The “mind-scenes” one might envision are cool, mountains and pastoral settings…very much an escape through our mind’s eye. Enter to WIN at PSN Contests Escapes CD Price: $15.00 W in it! I hope you have an opportunity to listen to this CD. It is very well named…it is a welcomed Escape. MAY/JUNE 2011 Parenting SPecial 13

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