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Cliq Magazine Spring 2011 : Page 2 PUBLISHER Travis Smith EDITOR Kristen Fogle EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Taylor Silva CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Orion Radleigh Slade Fischer Kendall Shoemann Kristina Blake Jake Craney Justin Cross Jessie Clapp Jessica Goodman Jenna Frimmel Captain Morgan Rachel Shapiro PROGRAMMING King Wilder LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Dear Readers, Time to flip on those flops and head to a beach paradise, right? Well, that’s what some spring breakers will be doing. Others will actually be searching out good snow for boarding. Or just cruising around the nearest vacation-esque town in hopes of relaxation, (or at least a good happy hour). And others still will be doing their own thing—kicking back at home with remote in hand or a good read. If it is a good read that’s in order, you’re in luck. If you’re an avid veteran in the Cliq department, you know that you can always get a good interview or article out of our mag. AND if you want more, our site has it (www. Like a loyal BFF or just that annoying kid who won’t sit anywhere else but right next to lucky you in Chemistry, we’re here for ya. Enough for shameless plugs. On to the issue. As you can see, (as we don’t currently have a Braile version of our mag), Kourtney Kardashian is the newest to grace our pages. Falling in the footsteps of her sister Kim, (who was our cover model last fall), Kourtney also delighted us by sitting down and exchanging some words. (Good ones.) Check out our interview to learn more about her ups and downs in New York, where you’ll be seeing a new Dash store in the future, and even some things you’ll see on this season of her and Kim’s show. We also have interviews with lovely Alexa Vega, (of Spy Kids fame and now starring in From Prada to Nada), Cameron Goodman, (star of the newest High School Musical movie), and Lil Wayne’s 18-year-old protégé—Lil Twist! We also have all that scrumdidiliumptious spring break content you crave— from how to shape up for it, what to buy to plan for it, how to make the most of it if you’re currently living in Brokesville…shoot, even how to score that first date if you find someone there who’s worth more than just a little touch and giggle. And while you’re reveling in our latest issue or laughing at a misfortunate spelling error online…which would never happen…go ahead and ‘Like’ us on Facebook or even drop us a line to tell us what you want to see more of. You get out what you put in, they say, but with us, what you put in (or tell us), we put out (publish!). And let’s be real…we all like it when people put out. Best, PHOTOGRAPHY Paul Dimalanta Cliq Magazine is currently seeking motivated students and recent grads for the following positions: WRITERS, WEB DEVELOPERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, CAMPUS REPS, & INTERNS Please submit resume to Cliq Magazine is a Production of Cliq Media Group JOIN THE CLIQ FOR ADVERTISING CONTACT: Kristen Fogle Editor 2 |

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