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Angela L. Ardolino Founder and Editorial Director David E. Estevez Editor at Large Kimberley Brown Smith Associate Editor Contributing Writers Amy Gall Lindsay Perez Mark Heller Lauren Hoyt-Williams Peter Gorski, MD, MPA Heather Tempesta Chris Kuhn Calendar and Neighborhood Stories Luke Beck Graphic Artist Susan Margolis Marketing Director Cathy Munch Sales Director Veturia Colquett Sales Executive Rachel Sarkis Account Executive Tammy Sassin Account Executive Krayl Funch Director, Home & Garden and Events Jeanine McLeod Photography Todd A. Varde Director of IT Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine P.O. Box 82255 Tampa, Florida 33682 Telephone: 813-949-4400 Fax: 813-315-6688 info@tbparenting.com calendar@tbparenting.com ads@tbparenting.com Letters to the Editor: editor@tbparenting.com Has it been chilly enough for you? The last few months have not felt like Florida and it makes me wonder if Valentine’s Day will be matched up with perfect cuddling weather. i personally am opting for cuddling in warmth instead. As parents we have plenty of worries — real and imag-ined. The death of 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green in the Arizona tragedy is a parent’s worst nightmare. Older children may be asking questions and expressing their own fears about death. Reassure your children that while one bad person committed this heinous act, there are more good people than bad. you also can teach Christmas in Miami. Me pictured with some in the world! L to your children that they’re not too young to make a dif-of my favorite people R: David Estevez, Clara Fath, Harris Milgrim, P atricia Guarch, Anna ference. Christina was interested in serving her country Odie, Delage and Lindsay Perez. one day and had been active in giving to charities. Teach your children about respecting and caring for others and working to make the world a better place. One person can make a difference. Speaking of making a difference, we all should be concerned about the child abuse epidemic in our country and around the world. The children are our future and under the right guidance and tutelage, they’ll be productive members of society. it is every adults’ job, regardless of whether they have children or not, to be a motivator, encourager and protector of children. Those children are going to be taking care of us one day, through our government, health care facilities and educational system. That’s why we’re taking a look at the problem of child abuse and how to prevent it on page 28. This month is a short but eventful one. College-bound high school seniors likely are receiving acceptance letters to college. Through all the excitement, don’t forget your kids still need you to parent. A high school diploma doesn’t magically turn you into an adult and your young adult will still need lots of guidance. We’ve got some tips for you on page 40. Black History Month is here as well and i hope that you’re speaking to your kids about the courage of individuals such as Harriet Tubman and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our chil-dren should know how blessed we are that we live in a diverse country, where we are experiencing and living life the way others dreamed and enabled for us. We’ve got an information filled issue for you this month. I also hope you have fun helping the kids send out their Valentine’s. I’ll be smiling with you as you watch your child’s first crush be revealed or monitor your teenager’s hormonal behavior. Be sure to tune in Thursdays at noon to Parents in Action on ABC Action news and visit me online at ParentingWithAngela.com letter frOM THe eDITOr ............................... We love to hear from you. Don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook and get daily updates, enter contests, share pictures and chat with other families. You can check us out at TBParenting.com, too, or follow us on Twitter. .............................................................................................................. Tampa Bay Parenting is published twelve times per year by Lucy Loo inc. it is distributed free of charge at area supermarkets, community centers, libraries, doctor’s offices and other businesses with products and services for families. no portion of this magazine may be re-produced in any form without written permission. TBPM is not responsible for statements made by advertisers or writers. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of information we print, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from omissions or errors. All photography and letters sent to TBPM will be treated unconditionally, assigned for publication and copyright purposes and are subject to unrestricted right to edit and com-ment editorially. For information on where to find TBPM or how to become a distributor, call 813-949-4400 or email info@tbparenting.com. Copyright 2007-2011 by Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine. All rights reserved. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. www.TBParenting.com BECOME A FAn AT FACEBOOK.COM/ TAMPABAyPAREnTinGMAGAzinE

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