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November/December 2010 • Number 924 Expanding Your PGR Toolbox: What is New with PGRs? by Brian Whipker and Joyce Latimer here are a number of new PGR options available to growers. Branching enhancement is now available with the introduction of both Augeo and Configure. Drought stress control options will become available with the introduction of ConTego. With Valent’s registration of Sumagic for fruiting vegetable transplants, greenhouse growers now have a PGR option which fills the void created when the B-Nine label was modified. Finally, paclobutrazol has been the industry standard for growth control. Fine has improved their Piccolo formulation with the introduction of Piccolo 10XC, which is clear and 10 times more concentrated. T Augeo OHP will be marketing a new branching agent. It works as a chemical pinching agent, thus decreasing apical dominance and increasing lower bud initiation. The active ingredient is dikegulac-sodium. Excellent results have occurred with fuchsias, lantana, petunia, and verbena. Keys for use: Apply early in the crop cycle to stimulate branching and allow ample time for new leaf growth to cover any yellowing or leaf necrosis that may occur. The trial starting point for a foliar spray is between 400 to 800 ppm. Apply sufficient volume of solution to wet the Continued on page 6 Top 10 Facts You Should Know About Your Business by Sid Raisch M ark Twain once said, “It is not what we know that gets us in trouble, it is what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” I don’t know the context within which he said that, but I bet it had something to do with people making incorrect assumptions about themselves and their businesses, and then making decisions based on those incorrect assumptions. Are you who you think you are, or who you actually are? Tricky question there, isn’t it? You are who you think you are, and what you know will determine what you think about your business. What you think will determine your actions. If you want to act in a way that improves your business, it is best if what you think and what is actually true are the same. What all of this means is that there are lots of things you should know about your business – some of them you may actually know, some you may think you know but actually don’t, and some you may be totally clueless about. The following is my list of the top 10 facts you should know about your business. 1. Why are you in business? A business has a purpose, whether we’ve taken the time to figure out what it is or not. According to the management guru Peter Drucker, the purpose of a business is to find and keep customers. But owning a business has quite another purpose. Continued on page 9 Inside this Edition ... Expanding Your PGR Toolbox: What is New with PGRs? Update from Washington Grow Perennials With Your Annuals Ecological Approaches to Water Treatment 1 Help Change Annoying Workplace Habits Understanding Plants: Part 2 2 4 10 Research Update: Does Silicon Have a Role in Ornamental Crop Production? Not Just the Weather 14 15 17 19 A Niche for Natives: Landscape Architects Are Pushing for More Native Plants The Science of Managing Weeds in Nurseries OFA News American Floral Endowment Bulletin 23 26 28 30 Top 10 Facts You Should Know About Your Business 1

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