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Restaurantville monthly Connecting the Texas Restaurant Community From the e dit or Publisher Richie Jackson, CEO Texas Restaurant Association editor Wendy Saari, Director, Communications Texas Restaurant Association Contributors Rebecca Robinson Paul Correa Art direCtor Lori Braun, Braun Design Advertising Joanne Pantaze, JP Solutions Restaurantville Monthly is published electronically 10 times a year by the Texas Restaurant Association. It is the mission of the Texas Restaurant Association to be the advocate and indispensible resource for the foodservice and hospitality industry in Texas. For advertising information contact Joanne Pantaze, 512 -273-2639 or Editorial questions can be directed to Wendy Saari at 512-457-4100 or october is designated texas Wine month, an annual celebration of the state’s thriv-ing wine industry. There is much to cel-ebrate this year, as many are calling 2010 the “harvest of the century.” The Lone Star State’s more than 200 wineries and 10 wine trails are uncorking the celebration in a big way with festivals, tours and other fun events. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples says the 2010 harvest should heighten the stature and awareness of Texas wines. “This year is truly a high point that will enable the Texas wine and grape industries to continue to grow for the next few years, regardless of what the weath-er has in store,” Commissioner Staples said. “This ex-ceptional harvest will allow our wineries and grape growers to reinvest in new acreage.” So hit the Texas wine trails this month and discover some great vintages. Or just visit a local retailer and try something new, a Texas wine. For more information about the Texas wine industry, please visit P.O. Box 1429 Austin, Texas 78767 512-457-4100 800-395-2872 2 | October 2010 restaurantville monthly

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