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Western W Chakma Highlighting media co v erage in 2009 estern’s media relations team works rigorously to pursue news coverage that promotes the important work of our university in educating many of Canada’s top students and conducting world-class research. In 2009, the department provided daily assistance to the news industry, offering fast, responsive assistance in tracking down experts in hundreds of fields of study. The arrival of a new president, Amit Chakma, at The University of Western Ontario, inspired national and local media to profile the new leader, and ScienceNews magazine chose to feature a dazzling fMRI scan (pictured above) of the president’s brain on their front cover! A Globe and Mail article by Elizabeth Church headlined, “Leader embodies Western’s new global perspective,” The London Free Press topped a column by Larry Cornies with “Let’s embrace UWO chief’s global vision,”and Maclean’s Magazine featured Chakma’s story in its introduction to their annual rankings. The story of our new President was just one of hundreds that captured the attention of local, national and international media. Stories of remarkable leading research, breakthroughs in science and medicine and thoughtful commentary and analysis by experts earned Western thousands of media impressions. Western also celebrated its eighth consecutive year of providing Canada’s best student experience, as ranked by the Globe and Mail Canadian University Report, achieving the only ‘A’grade among its peers for most satisfied students, and tied in top spot for quality of education. Western will continue its work to be a leading Canadian institution for study, work and media relations. Cover photo This photo, taken by Western student Heath MacMillan, ran half-page as part of a multi-page story in the Ottawa Citizen, and many other Canwest news papers, along with quotes from Lachance honoring Darwin. 2

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