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2010:Capturing New Opportunities Dear Friends, The last few years have been challenging for many of us in the balloon industry, but we’re finally beginning to feel a renewed spirit as fresh opportunities emerge. Balloons and balloon decor are taking on new art forms. Models wearing dresses made of intricately twisted balloons are appearing on runways; gigantic sculptures composed of balloons are displayed in museums; and popular TV shows are featuring balloon decor. People are beginning to look at balloons with new eyes, and although new technologies have enabled us to experience products in greater depth and dimension, the emotional aspect of balloons remains untouched. As we move into this new era—a “renaissance” born out of instability and uncertain economic conditions—we must explore new ways to capture the opportunities that advanced technology has created and to celebrate a global thirst for learning. Now is the time to act; to become more engaged; to be inspired; to lay our foundation for a bright future. In April, Pioneer will be hosting the World Balloon Convention 2010. This Qualatex® event exemplifies our commitment to this new era of enlightenment and to the renewal of the balloon industry based upon the simple premise that the more we educate ourselves and the more we share our collective knowledge, the more we increase our chances for success. We hope you will consider sharing this with us and with a multitude of passionate balloon people from different cultures and nations around the world. Hope to see you in April, Ted A. and Betty Vlamis and the entire Pioneer team Dragon: Cam Woody, CBA, Pioneer® Balloon Company, Wichita, KS, USA Face: Megumi Honne, CBA, Balloon Shop Ji's, Sakai-gun, Japan; Masako Nomura, CBA, FuwaFuwa Co., Ltd., Okayama, Japan Flower decor: Sue Marston-Weston, CBA, Conwin, Inc., Buckinghamshire, UK Mad Hatter: Larry Moss, CBA, Airigami.com & Balloon HQ, Rochester, NY, USA

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