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OFA Mission Statement To support and advance professional horticulture. OFA – an Association of Horticulture Professionals 2130 Stella Court Columbus, Ohio 43215-1033 USA 614-487-1117 Fax: 614-487-1216 ofa@ofa.org www.ofa.org OFA Bulletin January/February 2010 NUMBER 919 Editorial Staff Stephen A. Carver, Ph.D. Laura Kunkle Editor Alicia Wells Contributors Bridget K. Behe James Bethke Raymond Cloyd Richard Cowles Danilo Decio Richard Derksen Bernie Erven Paul Fisher W.E. Horner Jinsheng Huang Laura Kunkle Dustin Meador Paul Pilon Bob Van Cura Suzanne Wainwright-Evans Bridget White partners at ANLA and SAF; state-of-the- industry reports; updates on the sustainability standards process; letters from the CEO; or thought-inspiring articles from industry leaders. But once in awhile, the OFA Bulletin editor claims this space. Hello! It’s been so long since I last wrote a “Letter from the Editor” column that I laugh when looking at my picture from that issue years ago (of course, I’m laughing at this year’s picture too!). I am surprised at how much I’ve changed: different hairstyle, crow’s feet, graying hair, and when did I start looking so much like my mother? You, too, are likely surprised at how much you’ve changed – when you look in the mirror, and when you look at the way you do business. The Internet, automation, immigration, government regulations, energy costs, human resource management, social media, water issues, consumer spending, and hundreds of other factors have all changed the way you do business. The challenge for your OFA Bulletin team is anticipating what topics will be important enough for you to take the time to read each issue. Something that you read in the November issue later this year was planned nearly 18 months ago. Another challenge when planning each Published Bimonthly Copyright© OFA 2010. Permission is hereby given to reprint articles appearing in this OFA Bulletin provided the following reference statement appears with the reprinted article: “Reprinted from the OFA Bulletin, (phone: 614-487-1117) January/February 2010, Number 919.” No endorsement is intended for products mentioned in this OFA Bulletin, nor is criticism meant for products not mentioned. The authors and OFA assume no liability resulting from the use of practices printed in this OFA Bulletin. 2 issue’s topics is the diverse OFA membership. We have members from across the world with diverse languages, diverse climates, and diverse budgets. Compounding our problem is that OFA membership includes retail growers, wholesale growers, garden centers, florists, nurseries, interiorscapers, landscapers, allied trade, researchers, and the list goes on and on. It’s very difficult in a 32-page bi-monthly publication to give everyone the information they need. That diversity is why we recently implemented targeted monthly e-newsletters. If you haven’t signed up yet for the one(s) you want, please do so by visiting www.ofa.org. The goal of these monthly electronic communications is to reach out in a quick and meaningful way with information that is specific to YOUR needs. You can choose from one or several of the following: Management & Marketing, Grower, Letter from the Editor U by Laura Kunkle, OFA Bulletin Editor sually, this section is reserved for legislative updates from our advocacy Garden Center, Florist, Interior Plantscape, or Generation Next (designed for younger people in the industry). Already the response has been overwhelmingly positive, so make sure you sign up today! If you don’t sign up but we have your e-mail on record, you will continue receiving the general e-newsletter each month with less-targeted information. Still good stuff – but you deserve better, so sign up for the targeted e-newsletters designed specifically for you. OFA Bulletin Goes Digital In an effort to reduce the association’s carbon footprint, OFA offers the printed OFA Bulletin in an electronic format. This digital version is sent to your e-mail address and arrives long before the printed version hits other members’ mailboxes. See page 32 of this issue to learn more. You can see a sample of the digital OFA Bulletin by visiting www.mydigitalpublication.com/ publication/?i=24992. Facebook? Twitter? Huh? For those brave enough (dare I suggest, business savvy enough?) to venture into the social media arena, we’d love to connect with you. Visit www.ofa.org/connect.aspx to connect with OFA on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Let’s learn together how to best utilize these applications for the business environment. Vision + Action = Success There are many challenges facing your business and the industry as a whole. But businesses willing to change to meet the needs of the marketplace will succeed. But it won’t happen without proper vision and a solid action plan. I recently stumbled across this quote (that a Google search attributed to several people): “Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a waste of time. Vision with action can make a difference.” Please, take a moment to re-read that quote and think how vision and action together can make your business succeed. Have a great 2010! O F A B u l l e t i n

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