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Open for special savings on clinic supplies. 4345 Southpoint Boulevard • Jacksonville, FL 32216 Urinalysis SAVE 39% Home Sleep Testing NEW PRODUCT! SAVE 15% Buy 1 Start up kit (20 boxes of Urine Test Strips) and receive 1 Urine Dipstick Analyzer FREE. PSS # 173403 Rev. Final – 12/15/09 *Savings vary. Please see your semi-annual statement and corresponding invoices to determine your actual savings. Using both documents together will aid in calculating the true net cost/discount for any products purchased through this program. Refer to Promo Dates on your statement to determine which invoice to use in the calculation. Customer may refer to to obtain copies of invoices. To obtain copies of statements, ask your PSS Sales Representative. Savings through PSS Advantage Club are reductions in price for items purchased. The Advantage Club member is reminded that federal regulations require that reductions in price and discounts be properly disclosed and reflected in the costs claimed or charges made by providers under Medicare or a state health care program. This notice and any similar notice provided by PSS with respect to discounts received is to be retained by the Advantage Club member and be made available upon request to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (“Secretary”), the Secretary’s designee, or a state health care program. This record retention obligation applies to both cost reporting members and non-cost reporting members. Products subject to being substituted by PSS at anytime/Promos can be changed at anytime. Buy 1 ARES System PLUS 1 box (10/bx) of Tests and receive 1 box FREE. (Limit 1 per Customer) PSS # Description 222196 Ares System 222199 Tests (10/bx)

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