Retailing Insight January 2016: Essential Resources : Cover

R etailing I nsight M agazine 1 Connecting the Best in Body / Mind / Spirit Essential Resources January 2016 1 Kheops International Kheops offers gifts that nurture body and soul. We strive to promote nature, well-being, consciousness, positive thinking, and universality. The Source for Meaningful Gifts. 800-215-8705 | Ad on p. 17 2 3 Green Sisters One-of-a-kind purses and totes, dog carriers, yoga bags, table linens, runners, and more—lovingly hand-crafted in the USA using upcycled and recycled fabrics. 510-888-5620 | Ad on p. 9 3 Deva Designs Deva Designs offers joyful gifts to inspire you, at prices your customers will love. Best-selling, award-winning, and beautiful. All our silver and pewter is handcrafted in the USA. 800-799-8308 | Ad on p. 20 Get more Insight 2 3 Inside: 2016 trade shows | Bestsellers across America | Comprehensive wholesaler directory

Kheops International

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