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Lee Ryan, Ph. D. and Betty Glisky, Ph.D. THE RESEARCHERS Matthew Huentelman, Ph.D. Dr. Huentelman is Associate Professor in the Neurogenomics Division at the Tr an s la t io na l G en o mi c s Res e arc h Institute (TGen), and the head of its Neurobehavioral Research Unit, as well as the PrincipalInvestigator of the MindCrowd Project. “My main interest in this area of work is the very clear impact Alzheimer’s Disease will have on our society if it remains unchecked, as well as my deep-rooted inter-est in better understanding how the brain works. I consider the brain to be one of the last biophysicalfrontiers in our world.” health as we age, including genetic markers, cardiovascu-lar health (such as obesity and hypertension), over-the-coun-ter and prescription drug use, lifestyle choices like exercise and diet, and cognitive activities. Her goal is providing a better understanding of how older adults can maintain optimal brain health. “Obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes all increase risk for cardiovascular disease, which in turn can increase risk for Alzheimer’s Disease.” —Lee Ryan, Ph.D. Evelyn F. McKnight Foundation, which focuses specifically on understanding and finding ways to decrease memory problems in normal aging. This multidisci-plinary model includes researchers from branches of psychology, physiology, neurol-ogy and neuroscience, as well as research-ers from the University of Arizona Colleges of Science and Medicine. Although these researchers arespread over the campus, they work together, sharing new informa-tion and research on the aging brain, mem-ory problems associated with aging, and how we can make them better. Only three other universities have similar programs: the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of Miami and the University of Florida at Gainesville. Betty Glisky, Ph.D. Dr. Glisky is Professor of Psychology, with a primary focus on cognitive psychology, neu-ropsychology and gerontology. “I teach in the areas of memory and memory disorders. My research focuses on changes in memory that occur as a result of normal aging and brain injury, and on developing methods of rehabili-tation to reduce the impact of memory impair-ment in everyday life.” Drs. Ryan and Glisky are funded through the Lee Ryan, Ph.D. Dr. Ryan is Head of Psychology at the University of Arizona and the Associate Director of the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute. A neuropsychologist, she uses Magnetic Resonance Imaging methods to learn about the factors that influence brain TucsonLifestyle.com TUCSON LIFESTYLE | JANUARY 2016 Photo by Kris Hanning 49

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