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All of Cineramax’s one-of-a-kind audiovisual systems are named after one of Saturn’s moons, in this case Prometheus. Due to the complexity of this particular custom system, Montoulieu named it in honor of Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. “He is the master of technology,” Montoulieu says. “We found that detail fitting.” With TacT Audio, Montoulieu devel- oped a custom digital cinema sound processor based on the company’s TCS MKIII surround-sound decoder—one of three in the world—which can handle sound from the Dolby cinema server as well as the room’s DirecTV tuner, Xbox 360, and Denon DVD-A1UDCI Universal Blu-ray Disc Player. “It’s a very complicated piece of equipment,” Mon- toulieu says. “One thing I love about it, [which] I want to take advantage of one day, is that it allows you to have five audio channels behind the screen, like SDDS. So when a car goes across that very big, very wide screen it moves more fluidly from left to right.” Speaking of the screen, the custom- built rendition gracing this room is no more pedestrian than the rest of the system: It’s torus-shaped. In other words, it’s curved from left-to-right and top-to- bottom. It’s a shape that makes a lot of sense for a projection application: After all, it ensures that every point in the screen is more equidistant to every pair of eyes in the room, and it virtually eliminates hot- spotting, or uneven brightness levels. While developing the screen, Mon- the way Hollywood screens its product feels great. I’m humbled and honored. “ 66 | —Peter Montoulieu, custom installer ” To be affecting positive change in toulieu discovered that its shape created significant audio problems: It tends to collect and focus sound to a point in the room, so acoustics become very tricky. “It took me years to discover that if you have a cinemascope screen instead of a 16:9 screen, [and] you flank the screen with the right type speaker, none of that sound wraps itself into the screen.” In this case, the speakers flanking the screen are Dynaudio Confidence C4s and a HOME ENTERTAINMENT NOVEMBER 2009 HEmagazine.com Confidence Center, powered by Mark Levinson Nº 436 Power Amplifiers; a quartet of Dynaudio Confidence C1s in “Voice of God” soffits serve as surrounds. Montoulieu says the torus shape is worth the extra effort, though: “A lot of people see it and ask, ‘Is that 3D with- out the glasses?’” he says. All the same, genuine 3D—which is achieved with real cinema-grade 3D glasses, not the cheap red-and-blue cardboard headache inducers—is the next upgrade for this amazing work in progress. “The Barco projector will accept two HD-SDI feeds from the Dolby server, each of which can carry a separate signal for 3D. So the next part of the project is going to be adding the Dolby 3D filter wheel in time for the release of [James Cameron’s] Avatar. ARCHITECT: Michele Bonan Architecture & Interior Design of Florence, Italy (michelebonan.it) CUSTOM INSTALLER: Cineramax of Miami, Fla. (305.206.6073, cineramax.com) For more images of this theater and a full equipment list, please visit our website at HEmagazine.com. >

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