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recreational Winter 2014 2015 Holiday Card Gallery Adult Champs Results & Photos what’s inside Minvi Duncan Photography Recreational Ice Skating | Winter | 2014 | Vol. 39, Number 1 Clip-Out Section: Dance Step Sequence Revisions Scholarship Winners & Application Tips 4 Spotlight 6 ISI Holiday Card Gallery 9 Back to Boston for 2015 Conference Championships ICE SKATING INSTITUTE 6000 Custer Rd., Bldg. 9 Plano, TX 75023 Phone: (972) 735-8800 Fax: (972) 735-8815 e-mail: Publisher Ice Skating Institute Editor Lori Fairchild Editorial Advisors Peter Martell Kim Hansen Liz Mangelsdorf Print Production & Advertising/Sponsorship Manager Carol Jackson Graphic Designer Dallas Drotz Recreational Ice Skating ISSN 0164-4106 (USPS 361-570) is published quarterly; Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer; by the Ice Skating Insti -tute, 6000 Custer Rd., Bldg. 9, Plano, TX 75023. Periodicals postage paid at Plano, TX, and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Recreational Ice Skating, 6000 Custer Rd., Bldg. 9, Plano, TX 75023. Printed in the U.S.A. Extra copies are $4.00 each (includes postage). ©2014 by the Ice Skating Institute. Reproduc -tion in whole or in part is prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing by publisher. All rights reserved. Opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily represent the views of the Ice Skating Institute, the publisher or the advertisers. Submissions of manuscripts, materials, photographs, and artwork are made at mailer’s risk and must include self-addressed envelope with suf-ficient postage for return. No responsibility will be assumed for unsolicited materials. ISI reserves the right to edit material submitted for content and space consideration. 10 Adult Champs Results & Gallery 12 Competitors’ Corner 14 Clip-Out Section: New Dance Step Sequences 19 ISIA Education Foundation Scholarship Application Tips 20 2014 Scholarship Winners 22 Ask Mr. Edge About Skate Sharpening 23 Teams in Sync 24 My Coach Rocks! 26 Fun with Flip 28 Calendar Adventures & Activities RECREATIONAL ICE SKATING, WINTER 2014 3

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