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2 THE LED G E R • S UNDAY , SE P T EMBE R 2 7 , 20 0 9 • WWW.T HELE D G E R . COM 2 [ health ] INDEX Using a Kettlebell Is Becoming a Popular Formof Exercise Seniors Especially Benefi t by Walking 30 Minutes a Day Yoga Combines ExerciseWith a Spiritual Aspect With Exercise, Moms Can Look Fabulous After the Baby Comes Try the 10-Minute Workout On a Busy Day Patients Seeking Relief FromPain Turn to Acupuncture Nutritionists Urge Improvements in School Lunch Program Local Women Relate Stories of Weight-Loss Success Recipes for EatingWell the Light Way Spending Time Outdoors Has Mental Health Benefits One Mom’s Journey to Understand Her Son’s Allergies End-of-Life Conversations Can be Uncomfortable but Comforting, Too Some Communities Find Ways to Improve Care for Less Cost Doctor Fights to Persuade Others About His MS Treatment Program 4 6 7 8 9 10 12 14 15 16 19 20 21 22 healthn.e.w.you fora NUTRITION | E X E R CIS E | WELLNES S y Walking Health for The 10-minute workout. p.9 Walking 30 minutes a day helps people of all ages. p.6 Stories of weight-loss success. p.14 J. Bush, M.D. L. Dietrich, M.D. M. Esposito, M.D. S. Fargher, M.D. F. Elmasri, M.D. WWW.THELEDGER.COM | SEPTEMBER 27,2009 ON THE COVER Walking is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to exercise. Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland is one of the most popular venues for walkers. CONTRIBUTORS WRITERS LARRY EVERHART, MINDY MIRACLE EDITOR KURTHGUSTAFSEN COVER DESIGN STEVEANTLEY PAGE DESIGN SHERRI VALVO It’s Your Choice ....Choose the Experts RADIOLOGY AND IMAGING SPECIALISTS R. Harriage, M.D. C. Myrick, D.O. B. Henricks, M.D. M. Lima, M.D. J. Fargher, M.D. 863-688-2334 www.risimaging.com UPRIGHT OPEN MRI 1121 Lakeland Hills Blvd.  C. Pittman, M.D. T. Giuffrida, M.D. C. Schmitt, M.D. S. Pelligra, M.D. M. Gierbolini, M.D. J. Khan, M.D. R. Shankwiller, M.D. K. Joshi, M.D. L. Whitney, M.D. J. Habboub, M.D. \UE   Most Insurances Accepted and Extended Hours Available. A. Sroufe, M.D. Physicians Not Pictured: PLANT CITY LOCATION 206 W. Alexander Street, Suite 1     WOMEN'S IMAGING CENTER 2120 Lakeland Hills Blvd.     CENTRAL LOCATION 1305 Lakeland Hills Blvd.     Vascular Clinic Also Providing Diagnostic Services for: \UE

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