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TIER  ONE  MEMBERS  *  Click  Company  Name  to  View  Quad  Chart  American  Science  &  Technology  Corp.   Conversion  of  lignocellulosic  materials  to  bio Ͳ fuels,  additives,  chemicals  Manufacturer  of  battery  backup,  on Ͳ grid,  off Ͳ grid,  solar,  wind  &  hydro  Electrical  load  reduction  technology    Chicago,  IL  Slayton,  MN  King  of  Prussia,  PA  Racine,  WI  Solon,  OH  Plymouth,  MN  Princeton,  MN  Hastings,  MN  New  York  City,  NY  Spicewood,  TX  Ironwood,  MI  Rochester,  MN  St.  Paul,  MN  West  St.  Paul,  MN  Woodridge,  IL  Fargo,  ND  Sioux  Falls,  SD  Maple  Grove,  MN  Marysville,  WA  Minneapolis,  MN   Backup  Power  Source,  Inc.     BERT  /  Green  Power  Technologies,  Inc.  DeltaHawk  Diesel  Engines,  Inc.    Designer  and  producer  of  light  weight  compact  diesel  engines  Energy  Focus,  Inc.     Next  generation  LED  lighting  for  military  and  commercial  systems  Manufacturer  of  tactical  cooling  vests   Manufacturer  of  100%  electric  utility/maintenance  and  passenger  vehicles  Manufacturer  of  Micro Ͳ Hydro  Electric  Generators   Entropy  Solutions,  Inc.   e Ͳ ride  Industries,  Inc.    Globaltech  Energy,  LLC    HEVO  Power     Wireless  Charging  for  Electric  Vehicles   Manufacturer  of  industry Ͳ leading  electronic  power  converters  Thermal  energy  storage  technology   Ideal  Power  Converters  Integrated  Fabric  Solutions  (IFS)    LiquidCool  Solutions         Manufacturer  of  liquid  cooling  systems  for  electronics   Lightweight,  non Ͳ metallic  electrical  conductors  and  shields  Hybrid,  portable  power  platforms  Advanced  power  storage  solutions   Minnesota  Defense   Mobile  Pro  Systems     Navitas  Systems   Packet  Digital,  LLC   Advanced  power  management  solutions  for  portable  electronic  devices  Ruggedized,  portable  solar  power  solutions   Peppermint  Energy   Rhizone,  Inc.      Facility  energy  reduction  /  Remote  wireless  perimeter  defense  detector  Durable  photovoltaic  (PV)  modules   Silicon  Energy,  LLC    Sterilucent,  Inc.  Advanced  medical  sterilization  technology  for  energy  savings  *  Tier  One  Members  are  those  who  have  the  right  combination  of  technology  and  business  readiness  to  be  of  high  value  to  the  power  and  energy  needs  of  the  defense  industry.  Click  HERE  to  view  additional  Members  (non Ͳ Tier  One)

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