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The trail passes by Moccasin Slough Park, a 255-acre wildlife preserve and nature park. The park is newly devel-oped and contains parking, a kayak launch, gazebo and picnic areas. One is often reminded that “civilization” is not far away, for through the bank of trees and bushes lies traffic-laden Hwy. 17. Much of the 6.5-mile long trail is a wooden walkway, good for running, walking and cycling. Trees provide shade along much of the trail’s length. The trail is very safe but there are sev-eral times when one must cross streets. Admittedly, this does rather detract from the naturalness of the experience. Still, this should not put anyone off, as the Black Creek Trail is a fine place to do your thing. Extend the trail three-quarters of a mile northwards to Doctor’s Lake and run the bridge for a real workout. This will give you a run of some 7.25 miles, 14.5 if you left your car at Black Creek Park and run back for it. running Tip: Ever wondered how you look when you run? Ever wondered why you get injured so often? Ever wondered if there is a better way to run? If so, then you are a prime candidate for Good Form Running . Good From Running is the most efficient way to run and improved efficiency translates to better times and less hard work. The four steps involved include: Posture, Foot Strike, Cadence and Lean. Good Form Running cuts out over-striding that can lead to knee pain and injury. Many other injuries are also eliminated through proper use of GFR. Have your running style assessed and learn all about Good Form Running. Free clinics are held weekly at five locations throughout Jacksonville, Orange Park and Jacksonville Beach. Log onto to sign up. H S 8825 Perimeter Park Blvd, Suite 401 Jacksonville, FL 32216 904.236.5023 • January 2014 H e a l t H S o u r c e M a g . c o M —23

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