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bulletin MARCH/APRIL 2013 NUMBER 938 the Best ideas i never had (and a few i did): part two In the last issue ( OFA Bulletin , January/February 2013) I described things to think about when “borrowing” someone else’s great idea. The article explained how to choose the right ones for you as well as how to modify them for your particular situation to make them even better. I described some of the ideas I borrowed then “tweaked” but I ran out of room to include more. So this is Part Two. (If you are in Massachusetts, you may have read a little of this before in the MNLA newsletter, Pro Grow News .) You probably use many of these ideas already, but you may not have realized that they have a common theme. Once you become aware of the concept, it should spark your own creativity, and you’ll find even more ways to modify it. Best of all, this is one area where local garden centers have a distinct advantage over the big box stores – especially retail growers, because the big guys simply can’t afford to ship empty space. By Tina Rovito Bemis MORE ON PAGE 5 Recently several products, such as insecticides or fungicides, have been promoting “plant health benefits” in addition to the primary pests or diseases they were designed to control. The phrase “plant health” can mean many things. Products promoting these benefits often claim treated plants appear healthier, have stronger stems, develop more root mass, and exhibit more vigor than untreated plants. Due to these improved attributes, treated plants are more tolerant of certain stresses such as cold, heat, drought, nutritional, shipping, and propagation (Figure 1). The method of improving plant health varies by product used. Without covering the specific plant health trials: setting up grower trials to verify plant health claims By Paul Pilon inside this edition The Best Ideas I Never Had (and a Few I Did): Part 2 1 Plant Health Trials: Setting Up Grower Trials to Verify Plant Health Claims Taking the OFA/ANLA Joint Venture to the Next Level Nutrient Disorders in Tropical Plants Colorful Coreopsis: A Theme for 2013 New Media Components – Are They Worth Their Weight in Dirt? Challenges for Hawaii’s Floriculture Industry & Strategies for Global Competition Member Spotlight: Pen & Petal, Inc. 1 2 3 10 14 19 21 22 23 28 30 32 Figure 1. Calibrachoa Root Comparison – Liners Treated Prior to Shipping and Transplanting. OFA Award of Excellence Application News from the American Floral Endowment MORE ON PAGE 7 Welcome New OFA Members OFA Members in the News OFA News This is a member benefit of OFA – The Association of Horticulture Professionals.

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