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forces of character JIM BAILEY: Creative Collaborator board’s discussion ended, board member and past CC leader Suzanne Catto exclaimed, “I am so proud of this choice, his life inspires me to no end.” Inspiring others is the essence of a cre-ative and ethical life. When I called Jim to tell him about this award, his response was, “I do not want this just to be an award, I want this to help make something happen in our community.” Confirmation that his life is about inspiring others to create is so refreshing. What Jim makes happen day to day, helps others see and feel capa-ble and ready to create meaningful solutions and relationships. I could choose to outline Jim’s prolific contributions to our city via donations, boards, and initiatives; instead, I choose to share his approach to relationships and creativity, for I know that will inspire more hearts to make more things happen. Chris Flagg, landscape designer and recent recipient of the Jacksonville Cultural Council Innovation Award is unabashed in his respect for Jim’s life and way of doing things. Chris exclaims, “Jim puts his heart and soul into what he believes. In turn he helps others do that, too.” He pauses for a moment, and then quietly says, “He helps me do that, too!” Jim’s skills as a creative collaborator allow him to create deep and meaningful relationships, and also facilitate solu-tions that are based on the greater good. He sees problems, brings people together to create solutions and, as Chris states, “Doggedly hangs in there until a result is achieved.” Creating, within the realm of Jim’s thinking, means he is will-ing to do what it takes to help others achieve what they want to achieve. He believes in the creative spirit and works to keep it passionate, focused and practical. This is a rare and inspired mix of leadership. "If someone believes in something strongly enough, it gets me fired up and ready to help make it happen.” To be of service to his community in any way he can is one of Jim’s primary desires. Don Shea, executive director of the Jacksonville Civic Council, describes Jim as a man who takes things seriously and puts conscious thought into creating relationships and, hence, solutions. When Don moved to Jacksonville to step into his new position with the JCC two years ago, Jim gave him a call and made an appointment to share "some thoughts." Jim had planned a tour around Jacksonville and narrated the parts of our city’s history he felt Don would need to know in his new role. Don describes this adventure as one of the most thought-ful and professional experiences of his life. He saw the depth of Jim’s love for our community and his heart’s desire to help it evolve. The impact of Jim Bailey’s creative thinking has seeped into our community with a lasting and meaningful effect. It will continue to inspire others to contribute their gifts and skills. The Golden Rule Award Bake-Off & Roast Honoring Jim Bailey will take place Oct. 4, 6-9 p.m. at Intuition Ale Works, 720 King St., 683-7720. Character Counts! In Jacksonville, 4201 Baymeadows Road, Suite 4, 612-3934, By Florence Haridan Executive Director, Character Counts! in Jacksonville When the word creativity is used, we most often think on the physical plane. Yet when creativity is unleashed in the world of community development anything is possible. The impact of a creative mind on the world is often over-looked. It is a magical experience to discover and bear wit-ness to such a mind. It is these minds that Character Counts! In Jacksonville looks to not only honor, but to learn from and be inspired by. Each year we look into our community for living exam-ples of character and ethics-based lives that are fueled by creativity. This year, we found Jim Bailey, philanthropist, publisher [Jacksonville’s Financial News and Daily Record ] and provocateur. We will honor Jim’s contribution on October 4th at our Golden Rule Award event. Jim is the sort of creative force that quietly, yet tena-ciously brings people together to create solutions. His under-the-currents approach is often not seen, yet the effects are profound. Jim builds relationships at every level of our community. He brings a smile everywhere he goes; its power is huge, and most importantly, genuine. The impact of his giving and creative mind astounds me. When our organization selected Jim last year to receive our Golden Rule Award, the board discussed his life and how he gently and consciously moves between many worlds in our city, helping to create connections and inspire change. Design, publishing, economic development, philanthropy, law, government, faith and family are his creative spaces. It was a unanimous decision to select Jim. As the 42 september/oct 2012 • arbus magazine

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