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MY June 2012 : Page 53

Although in the teenage years mothers are more typically relied upon overall, adolescents with involved parents often experienced fewer severe peer conflicts. One of the most important ways a father influences his household is the interaction with the children’s mother. This relationship, when it is present, often becomes the role model and template of expectations for future relationships for their children. Men that are fathers, often have their parenting affected negatively when mental health issues are present. In fact, research suggests that at least 6 million men suffer from depression each year in the U.S. Although women attempt suicide more often than men, men are typically more successful in their attempts. Men typically are undiagnosed for mental health issues because they report physical symptoms versus emotional. Emotional symptoms for men may include: • Sadness • Depression • Lowered sex drive • Substance abuse • Internet addictions • Hopelessness Women enter therapy far more easily and readily than men of all ages and ethnicities, in part due to the early childhood messages men receive. From an early age, boys get a message that showing tears or fear is a sign of weakness. The more traditionally held role, the less likely therapy is sought. Although statistics do indicate an increase in men seeking therapy, it is too frequently when life has become unmanageable through addiction, work issues and failed relationships. It is important and imperative to validate and encourage the expression of the feelings of men at any age in your life. ;II7[IEX /MHW'EQT 8IEGLMRK]SYVOMHWLIEPXL]PMZMRK [MXLJYRMRZMXMRKÁXRIWWERHRYXVMXMSR KEQIWJSVOMHWEKIW&#1a; -RWXVYGXSVW&#1f;1ERHM
XVEMRQM\GPEWW[MPPFILIPHEXXLI WEQIXMQIJSVEREHHMXMSREPTIVGPEWW MOVIES ABOUT FATHERHOOD: Mrs. Doubtfire About A Boy Father of the Bride BOOKS ON FATHERHOOD: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 secrets Every Father Should Know by Margaret J Meeker Boys should be Boys: 7 secrets to raising healthy sons by Margaret Meeker 52 Things kids need from a Dad by Jay K. Payleitner Heroes for My Son by Brad Meltzer Susie Kamen, LMSW is a social worker in private practice in Farmington Hills. She provides outpatient psychotherapy for adolescents and adults focusing on issues of self-esteem, substance abuse, crisis intervention, divorce recovery, motivational life strategies, parenting and mind/body/spirit development. Contact Susie at 248-788-7072. 31102 Haggerty Road Farmington Hills 248-661-2000 First class is always free! MY Magazine | 53

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