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munications company in the U.S. and based in Monroe, Louisiana, with pro-jected annual revenue of more than $18 billion. Few other Fortune 150 companies are based in a city of 55,000 within a metro area of fewer than 200,000. Centu-ryLink is, and it’s because Louisiana of-ficials identified CenturyLink’s growth needs, and customized financial incen-tive and training packages to keep the company based in Louisiana despite out-of-state overtures to relocate its headquarters. (Continued on page 80) to partner with the people of Ashley and the state of Indiana to build our 10th dis-tribution center in the community,” said Howard Levine, Family Dollar chairman and chief executive officer. “We look for-ward to serving as not only a large em-ployer for the area, but also a responsible member of the community for years to come.” Ashley, Indiana, represents a typical, small rural community in a unique loca-tion between two counties next to the in-terstate I-69. With a population of 983, this project adds a tremendous amount of opportunity for jobs and subsequent ex-pansion for this area. Not only will the town’s infrastructure improve due to this major distribution center, but the result-ing population inflow to fill these jobs will create more opportunities for the housing and service industries. The announcement of Family Dollar’s decision to locate in the Northeast Indi-ana town adds to the state’s growing transportation and distribution industry. “We’re excited to bring hundreds of new jobs and tens of millions in capital investment anywhere in Indiana, but it’s a special celebration when a great smaller town like Ashley is involved,” said Gov-ernor Mitch Daniels. CenturyLink, Inc. Monroe, Louisiana As a result of two mergers, Centu-ryLink is now the third-largest telecom-TRADEANDINDUSTRYDEV . COM | 79

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