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MY March 2012 : Page 57

Whether she ’ s portray i ng an i nsane vamp i re, d i rect i ng documentar i es and mus i c v i deos, wr i t i ng scr i pts, do i ng vo i ce over work, or appear i ng on the stage, actress Jul i et Landau loves every facet of what she does – i t ’ s what makes her thr i ve . “Growing up in an atmosphere of creativity was a big component of what I did,” said Landau, the daughter of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, who starred in the original “Mission: Impossible” TV series. “Danny” has been very successful, selling out every Landau has worked with her parents. She appeared with her father in 1994’s “Ed Wood” for which he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi; she appeared with her mother in the play “Failure of Nerve.” “Basically, what I have garnered from them is really just a love of the work…You have to stay connected to that passion and get up in the morning and do what you love to do. They imparted that to me,” she said. Originally, Landau was a ballet dancer but found the dance world too “insular” and became an actress, mentored by the late Susan Peretz (“Dog Day Afternoon”).Currently, Landau portrays Roberta in John Patrick Shanley’s “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea,” a two-person play co-starring Matthew J. Williamson (2004’s “Helter Skelter”) and directed by John McNaughton (“Wild Things”) at North Hollywood’s Crown City Theatre. “Stage work is amazing. You get to discover and explore the journey of a character from beginning to end every night. The work continues to grow and deepen through the course of the run. I am on fire with my love of John Patrick Shanley’s brilliant play. It is perfectly crafted. It feels as if each night, the audience is another character in the play, if you will,” explained Landau. “I love working with John McNaughton. He is a genius, a rare talent. He is so gifted and inspiring. He has exquisite taste and is an actor’s director in every sense of the word. He is keenly intelligent and has a plethora of experience to draw upon, He pushes you to keep digging and looking for more.” Landau, Williamson and McNaughton worked previously in last year’s dramatic reading of Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire,” which McNaughton directed and in which Landau played Blanche. Juliet Landau and Matthew J. Williamson in “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea” . “Juliet is wonderful. I’ve always followed what she’s done. Juliet really reminds me of [actress/director] Ida Lupino. She was so perfect and had this delicate beauty,” said McNaughton. night, prompting an extension – its third – until the end of February. According to McNaughton, a fourth is possible. “It seems to have struck a nerve since it’s been extended. It’s picking up momentum. Certain projects that get touched with good fortune do not happen often. People are coming to see it and it seems to be growing,” said McNaughton. Landau is best known for playing Drusilla on TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” Creator Joss Whedon pictured Drusilla and Spike (James Marsters, TV’s “Smallville”) as the “Sid and Nancy” of the vampire set, meaning Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols and girlfriend Nancy Spungen. “We’re supposed to have been together for 200 years, and you can’t be shy with someone after 200 years. The characters had great chemistry; that was a huge ingredient. Their love story was so interesting because it had gone on for centuries, balancing out their evil and diabolical sides. They had a tender side; it was a bit kinky, but it was fun,” explained Landau. “Drusilla’s childlike and sensual. She’s www . mymetroyou . com MY Magaz i ne | 57

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