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Manure Manager July/August 2010 : Page 3

Contents 4 Forget cremation . . . bury me deep in it Composting animals is an old new trend that makes sense in many ways, as does the trend to manure as bioenergy. 6 In the News 8 Cow power in British Columbia Canada’s first biogas upgrader gets ready to start up, as Catalyst Power Inc. puts the finishing touches on its $4.5 million natural gas quality facility. 12 Deadstock composting: Life after death On-farm livestock disposal options can meet several needs at once, eliminating the risks of off-site disposal and creating humus for crops. 16 Manure Expo 2010 This annual event hits Pennsylvania for the first time, bringing a mix of educational speakers, live demos, and over 50 exhibitors. 18 Buffering odor complaints Planting trees makes an “environmental statement” to neighbours that the farmer is making every effort to resolve odor, noise and dust problems. 24 Project reports Updates on projects and research in our sector 28 Coming Events 30 On Track New gear for the field and more Cover: Composting animals with a mix of manure and other products offers an on-site solution to the growing challenge of dealing with deadstock. Manure Manager • July/August 2010 3

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