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Manure Manager May-June 2017 : Page 3

CONTENTS MAY/JUNE 2017 Vol.15, Issue 3 10 Keeping Nitrogen for Your Crops A new Canadian study compares nitrogen loss to the soil and air with spring and fall applications of digestate versus raw dairy manure BY TREENA HEIN Editorial In the News TechSpread New Products On Track 4 6 8 10 27 14 20 24 Ranging Afield With Fracs ON THE COVER Emily Ann Schwager takes a soil sample. See page 10. Photo by Jessica Singh The use of frac tanks is growing in popularity as more manure is being applied further from home Dribble Bar Update BY TONY KRYZANOWSKI Is this method of applying manure, popular with livestock producers in Europe, catching on in North America? BY TREENA HEIN Pigs, Chickens, Cattle … and Weddings Porter family farm raises chickens, pigs, plus cattle, and also runs a successful farm wedding venue BY DIANE METTLER May/June 2017 -MANURE MANAGER 3

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