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Lavalier Mics Sony ECM-44B General application model electret con-denser lavaliere Mic • Ideal for speech & inter-views as well as musical instruments • 40-15,000 Hz frequency response • omnidirectional pattern • AA battery operation (not included) • Includes 3 meter cable with power cap-sule & XLR plug, urethane wind screen, holder clip & carry case • 1 year warranty ECM-44B Reg.$ 264.00 Discount Price $ 220.00 Sony ECM-77B Ultra miniature, omnidirec-tional electret condenser lava-liere • Inconspicuous design for film and TV production • Also works well for musical recording of violins & violas • Extended 40-20,000 Hz fre-quency response • Includes 3 meter cable w/power module & XLR end, metal mesh wind screen, holder clips & carry case • 1 year warranty ECM-77B Reg.$ 474.00 Discount Price $ 425.00 Shure MX184 Professional condenser lavaliere mics ideal for broadcast use in-door or outdoor • Frequency re-sponse dips at 730Hz reducing chest resonance • Compact & light belt-pack preamp works on 48V phantom power • 80-20,000 Hz response • Includes Pivoting, Single-Micro-phone Tie Clip, Dual Microphone Tie Clip, Black, Snap-fit Foam Windscreen, Belt-Clip Preamp, 4-foot cable with 4-pin mini connector • 2 year warranty MX183A • Omni • Discount Price $ 179.00 MX184 • Supercardioid • Price $ 199.00 MX185 • Cardioid • Price $ 194.00 Save Time … Order On-Line ! www.marker Sony ECM-55B Omni directional, broad-cast standard, electret condenser lavaliere • Suited for TV/radio speech & interview • 2-way, 12-48V DC phantom or AA battery (not powering • 30-18,000 Hz frequency response • Includes 3 meter cable with power capsule & XLR plug, metal mesh wind screen, holder clip & carry case • 1 year warranty ECM-55B Reg.$ 394.00 Discount Price $ 350.00 AT AT803B Broadcaster’s professional omnidirectional miniature condenser Mic • Wide range ability delivers natu-ral sound quality of lectur-ers, singers, stage & TV performers • 9-52V phan-tom or AA battery (in-cluded) powered • On-flat, on-roll off switches • Includes 6’ attached XLR cable, windscreen & carry case • 30-20,000 Hz range • 1 year warranty. AT803B Reg. $ 225.00 Discount Price $ 169.00 Shure SM11 America’s smallest dynamic lavaliere microphone at 1.5” long • Reproduces natural sound for all broadcast pur-poses while maintaining superb ruggedness & depend-ability • Supplied with tie tack & tie bar mounts • 50-15,000 Hz frequency response • Omnidirectional • Case & attached 3’ cable with XLRM included • 2 year warranty SM11 Reg. $ 144.00 Discount Price $ 98.00 AKG Recording/Surveillance Microphone The C 562 CM has been designed specifically for permanent, "invisible" mounting in ceilings, walls, tables, stage props, etc. Because of its high sensitivity, the C 562 CM is a perfect tool for surveillance or live recording since a single microphone can cover an entire room. The supplied XLR phantom power adapter connects to the microphone cable through a miniature connec-tor so installation holes can be smaller than the diameter of the phantom power adapter. AKG-C562CMReg. $ 329.00 Discount Price $ 299.00 AT Pro 31QTR Cardioid Universal-Impedance dy-namic microphone • Removable XLR, 15’ cable with 1/4” phone plug at equipment end • On/Off Switch • For High or Low Imped-ance inputs • Cable, stand clamp and storage bag included PRO31QTR Reg. $ 69.00 Discount Price $ 39.95 250 EV Hanging Mic Professional quality, miniature car-dioid, electret condenser microphone • Designed for applications where the microphone needs to be sus-pended from above the sound source, making it ideal for choir recording, theatre, and houses of worship. • Integrated wire director can be manipulated so that the Mic points at the desired sound source. • Cardioid polar pattern allows for high gain before feed-back • Condenser element provides clear and natural sound reproduction. • Comes supplied with 25 feet of cable • Phantom-powered • 250 Ω RE92H • Discount Price $ 269.00 Interface Heaven! included) Sony ECM-66B High quality, all round uni-directional condenser lava-liere • Super for radio/TV use & instrument pickup of flutes, saxophones & trum-pets • Rejects ambient noise • Phantom or AA bat-tery (not included) power • 70-14,000 Hz range • Includes 3 meter cable w/power module & XLR end, urethane wind screen, holder clips & carry case • 1 year warranty ECM-66B Reg.$ 474.00 Discount Price $ 385.00 AT AT831B Broadcaster’s professional unidi-rectional miniature condenser Mic • Ideal for stage, TV performers & acoustic guitar sound • Cardioid pattern gives crisp close-up sound • 9-52V phantom or AA battery (included) power • On-flat, on-roll off switches • Includes 6’ attached cable w/XLR, guitar adapter, windscreen & case • 40-20,000 Hz range • 1 year warranty. AT831B Reg. $ 265.00 Discount Price $ 189.95 Sanken COS-22 The world's first dual-cap-sule lavalier microphone. The ultra miniature COS-22 measures only 1.25" in length but boasts a full fre-quency response up to 20,000 Hz. The two-chan-nel, dual-omni directional COS-22 is designed for a variety of applications, including stereo and boundary-style miking. The COS-22 is a dual capsule design in a single housing. Two omnidirectional COS-11's are mounted end to end and wired with a single cable • 5-Pin Male XLR COS-22 • Discount Price $ 649.00 MIPRO MU-53LX 10MM Cardioid Cond. Lav MIPRO MU-53LX 10MM Cardioid Cond. Lav. Mic w/Clothing Clip/TA4F Conn. in Black MU-53LX Reg. $ 60.00 Discount Price $ 45.90 Sennheiser ME-2 Sennheiser ME2 Omnidirec-tional Lavalier for Evolution System • 1/8" (3.5mm) Mini (TRS) Out-put Jack. -Works with the 100, 300 and 500 Sennheiser Evolu-tion Series Bodypack Transmit-ters. • World Renowned Sennheiser Warm, Clear and Robust Broadcast Quality Sound Reproduction • Fre-quency response: 60 Hz -18 kHz ME-2 Reg. $ 210.00 Discount Price $ 139.95 Home of the Unique & Hard to Find Sony ECM-88 Miniature omni-directional electret-condenser micro-phone • Ideally suited for quality-critical applications in broadcasting, theater and field production • Achieves high-sensitivity • flat-and-wide frequency response (20 Hz to 20 kHz) • Extremely low handling noise with unparalleled high sound quality • 4-pin connector with 8.2 ft. cable for use with the DC-78 DC power supply unit, supporting wired lav Mic operation. ECM-88 Reg.$ 483.00 Discount Price $ 342.39 AT898 Sub-Lav High quality, low noise, low-profile operation • At a size of only 5 mm in diameter it’s perfect for applica-tions requiring minimum visibility • Battery or phantom powerable • Ac-cessory kit includes carry case, three single and two double interchange-able mounts, clothing clip, viper clip, magnetic clip, and two open-pore foam windscreens AT898 Reg. $ 330.00 Discount Price $ 229.00 Tram BPS Lav The Porsche of Lavaliere Microphones! Known among sound en-gineers to be the finest in the world • Meets the most demanding require-ments of sound recording • Common for hidden Mic use in all TV & film studios • 40-16,000 Hz frequency response • BPS model in-cludes cable holder, clip on holder, tie bar, wind screen, tape down, cable reel, tie tac & case • 1 year warranty • Size: .196” x .300” x .510” • Omnidirectional electret condenser • 1.3V oper-ating voltage • Output level -57dB • Nominal impedance: 3500Ω (TR-79 powering supply -2500Ω) • Maximum SPL: 134dB TR50-BPS Wired to 9’ cable with XLR battery tube Reg. $ 349.00 Price $ 319.35 TR50NCMO With unterminated cable only Reg. $ 195.00 Price $ 178.50 10-91 Mini Lav Extra small 3/8” diameter electret condenser Mic • Great for all around voice quality pur-poses like interviews, P.A. or radio & TV networks • 50-8,000 Hz frequency range • 1kΩ • 10’ cord with 3.5mm plug • Includes battery, tie clip & wind screen • 90 day warranty. 10-91 Reg. $ 59.95 Discount Price $ 45.85 800-522-2025

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