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Fluke True RMS Multimeter • VoltAlert Technology for integrated non-con-tact voltage detection • AutoVolt feature for automatic AC/DC voltage selection • LoZ: low input impedance prevents false readings due to "ghost voltage" • Large display and white LED backlight to work in poorly lit areas more effectively • True-RMS for accurate measure-ments on non-linear loads • Min/Max/Average to record signal fluctua-tions • Compatible with optional magnetic hanger(ToolPak) for hands free operation • Current measurement 20A(30 seconds momentary; 10A continuous) • Resistance and continuity • CAT III 600 V safety rated • TL75 Hard Point Test Lead Set • Includes: • TL75 Test leads and Holster FLK-117 • Discount Price $ 186.95 Fluke 179 Multimeter Tough… Precise… Packed with Features! • Lifetime warranty • IEC 1010 CAT IV 600V safety rating • 6000 count display • True-rms ac voltage and current • Min/Max/Average • Frequency and capaci-tance capabilities • Auto Hold and Manual Hold • Backlight for measurements in low visibility environments • Temperature measurements in °C and °F, Thermocouple included • Battery door provides battery access without breaking the calibration seal Compatible with Fluke ToolPak meter hanging kit FLK-179 • Discount Price $ 257.95 GME PG28 NTSC Generator Model PG-28 NTSC Pattern Generator can be use to quickly and easily troubleshoot, test, and align NTSC television. Features a wide selection of popular video patterns including Color Bars, Crosshatch, Dot, Staircase, Circle, Center Cross, Window, and Raster for accurate and comprehensive TV troubleshooting and testing. Supports both progressive and interlace scan-ning system. Composite video and S-Video output. 1KHz audio tone for audio troubleshooting. User friendly interface for easy operation. GME-PG28 • Discount Price $ 152.05 Polarity / Continuity Test Set Checks Continuity & Polarity to Solve System Problems Quickly! • XLR & 1/4" TRS In/Out: Test speakers, Cables and Wireless Systems • Test Mixers & Signal Processors for Polarity 4-In-1 Light/Temp/SPL Meter Unique Meter Measures SPL, Light, Humidity, & Temperature! The sound level function can be used anywhere you need to test SPL. The light function is used to measure luminous intensity & automatically compensates for the angle of incidence. Measure temperature & humidity using the built-in temperature-sensitive semiconductor or the K-type thermo-couple and perform relative humidity measurements. 3.5" Digital LCD. Includes: 9 Volt battery, temperature probe & case. DVM401 • Discount Price $ 131.65 3" Digit Digital Multimeter atic polarity function and 3" digit LCD dis-nts: DC current up to 10A, AC and DC volt-sistance up to 2Mohm • Diode, transistor t with buzzer • Data-hold function and rotection holster • DC voltage: 000V • AC voltage: 200/600 • Continuity nsistor test: yes • Size: 2.7" x 5.4" x 1.2" 9V battery included DVM850BL • Reg. $ 16.60 Discount Price $ 15.30 Velleman Multi-Batt Tester Provides a simple, straight forward way to test your batteries and fits in your shirt pocket. No test leads to lose or con-nect. Unique pivot arm swings out of the tester unit and adjusts to various battery sizes.for AAA (LR3), AA (LR6), C (LR14), D (LR20), E-block (9V) and button cell batteries. VEL-BATTEST • Discount Price $ 8.65 ZTS MBT Battery Testers MBTLA2 Why a Pulse Load Test? In today’s electronics, battery perform-ance is very important. The MBT series computes the battery’s actual remaining power capacity using a 2 second pulse load test. This pulse load simulates the real power demand of a electronic device. Battery performance is meas-ured, not just voltage. MBT-1 Testing the state of charge and power for more than 30 battery types • Designed to test both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries • Percentage of battery capacity is indicated on a LED bar display • Tests NiMH, Alkaline, Lithium, coin type batteries and more • Includes AA Batteries MBT-1 • Discount Price $ 71.40 Inversion • Internal Speaker for testing Mic Polarity • High Level Output for Testing Miles of Cables • High Performance to Price Ratio • Battery Test on Receive Unit saves Troubleshooting Time CRICK-1 • Reg. $ 149.99 Discount Price $ 99.99 MBT-LA2 Designed for testing the state of charge and battery condition for 2-volt, 4-volt, 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt lead acid battery types (SLA, AGM, Gel, Wet). MINI-MBT MBT-LA2 Discount Price $ 320.00 MINI-MBT Provides all the features of the MBT-1• Tests 15 bat-tery types, including NiMH, Alkaline and Lithium • Small size makes it ideal for the gadget-bag, toolbox or home utility drawer MINI-MBT • Discount Price $ 29.55 MINI-MBT9R adds 9v NiMH capability to the MINI-MBT. Tests 10+ types including NiMH, NiCd and Alkaline plus 1.2v recharge-able [AA, AAA, C, D], 1.5v alkaline [AA, AAA, C, D, N], 9v NiMH rechargeable and 9v alkaline & carbon zinc. MINI-MBT9R • Discount Price $ 29.60 Test Meters Minilyzer Audio Analyzer The Minilyzer ML1 is a state-of-the-art audio analyzer that fits into the palm of your hand. It provides you with all comprehensive sets of func-tions essential for the analysis of professional signal audio systems. The powerful Minilyzer ML1 continuously measures the signal and dis-plays the desired results with all complementary information on an illuminated Hi-Res graphical LC-Display. Minilyzer ML1 together with the sig-nal generator MR1 is the unbeatable mobile test system for high-end demands in the audio indus-try. NEU-ML1 • Discount Price $ 642.50 Minirator Audio Generator MR2 Analog Audio Generator provides a full set of analog audio test signals for set-up, maintenance and monitoring of professional audio equipment. Hand-held, using battery or external DC power supply, the generator is ergonomically packaged and has an intuitive user interface. • Low distortion sine wave (10 Hz -20 kHz) • Selectable output levels (0.08mV -2.0V RMS) in dBu, dBV or V units • Sine wave stepped sweep down to 1/12 octave steps with programmable step speed • White noise • Pink noise • Polarity test sig-nal • Chirp signal (continuous sine sweep) • Delay test signal (w/ AL1) • Mute • Outputs: RCA (unbalanced) and XLR (balanced) connectors MR2 • Discount Price $ 329.60 Minirator Pro Generator MR-PRO Analog Audio Generator provides a com-plete set of analog audio test signals for the most demanding audio professional. In addition to all MR2 features, MR-PRO adds: • Low distor-tion sine wave (10 Hz -20 kHz) • dBFS, % for stored waveform only • USB port for loading cus-tom (.WAV) waveforms • Measuring and monitor balance, load impedance and phantom power voltage • Testing XLR cable in loop back mode or using optional cable test plug connected at the far end • Outputs: RCA (unbalanced) and XLR (bal-anced) connectors MR-PRO • Discount Price $ 530.60 GLPN Pink Noise Generator The GLPN is a Pink Noise Generator and a phantom power indicator. It provides continuou connected to a system with P the back will light if pha Unbalanced 3 pin XLR Male Continuous @ 24.5mV (-32.2d 20Hz -20kHz • Power Requ phantom power • 2.75" x .75" GLPN • Discount GL-14 14 Funct Sine Wave MBT-1 A 14 function sine wave gen-erator with a Phantom Powe Indicator in a rugged and pocket-sized housing. Microphone Level Output with 14 functions activated by a sin-gle push button. Packaged in a Standard Neutrik XLR connector. Its mul-tiple functions will help you with the analysis and calibration of sound systems and will facilitate trouble shooting. The internal amplifier in the GL14 utilizes phantom power from your XLR audio mic lines to gener-ate the tones. GL14 • Discount Price $ 51.50 Phantom & Test Tone A Neutrik XLR connector which contains a miniaturized 1k tone gener-ator & phantom power detector. Small enough to fit in your pocket, rugged enough for years of use, & it requires no batteries. Simply plug in the XLR connector, & if phantom power is present the LED will light. It then uses the phantom power (12-48v) from the source for its own internal miniature circuits, and sends out a -44 dBm mic level, 1 kHz test tone. GL-1K • Discount Price $ 40.30 America’s Broadcast • Pro-Audio • New Media Supply House 800-522-2025 111

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