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GOLD technical design home theater, $111K-$130.5K


A Work of Art<br /> <br /> Meeting a museum president and a former musician’s high standards with enthusiasm<br /> <br /> When a home is built for the president of a firm that designs and produces worldrenowned traveling museums and fine-art exhibits, standards are understandably high. Aesthetically, the theater’s electronics and acoustical design had to maintain the integrity of the Arabian theme represented throughout the home. The client also wanted a space that could feel like a dedicated theater but also lend itself to a house-wide entertainment vibe where people could roam in and out or just listen to music. To add another layer of perfection to the mix, the client is a former musician, so he had specific performance criteria in the audio department. Making sure the speaker system could reproduce both music and a movie soundtrack was top priority.<br /> <br /> The biggest challenge for electronic systems contractor Audio Video Interiors was meeting the owner’s demand that this be a non-enclosed space while maintaining that specified level of audio perfection. Working in a room that featured a curved back wall and openings to the rest of the lower level made predicting the acoustical performance of the room difficult. While there were anticipated trade-offs to the sound performance, the homeowner was willing to make this compromise to maintain the room’s aesthetics.<br /> <br /> Audio Video Interiors opted for Triad Gold Monitors and Silver Series subwoofers and surrounds to deliver a very crisp, accurate sound that fills the room, despite its being open to the lower level at the back. The company calibrated the audio using the Rotel receiver’s on-board Audyssey equalization, spending hours adjusting the custom target curve to balance between ideal standards and client performance desires. A Digital Projection iVision projector was chosen to accommodate the limited ceiling height and confining soffit dimensions, creating an image worthy of the audio performance.<br /> <br /> Affordable Luxury<br /> <br /> Neither style nor performance is spared.<br /> <br /> For this lovely contemporary Art Deco style theater, H2 Systems Inc. was given the directive to create a high-performance, inviting home theater with powerful and accurate sound plus warm, film-like video. Since the designated space was limited in size, unique designs for structural support columns were created to add architectural interest instead of visual distraction. Many ducts, water lines, gas lines and drains were moved to allow for clean ceiling details and optimal light fixture placement.<br /> <br /> H2 Systems chose B&W FPM6 speakers to conceal in the theater’s proscenium due to their high performance, small footprint and slender design. The company complemented this with six surfacemounted B&W FPM2 speakers. To optimize all that great sound, the theater walls were outfitted with Kinetics acoustical panels and soundproofed with Kinetics Wave Hangers, Isomax Blocks, and custommade MDF pot light enclosures.<br /> <br /> Not to be bested by the audio system, a Digital Projection Cine-LED projection system with fixed Panamorph 2.35:1 vertical compression anamorphic lens offers rich color, deep black levels and sharp details without the need to change expensive projector bulbs at any point during the life of the projector. All this is controllable by a Crestron TPMC-3x WiFi remote-control system with handheld hybrid touch screen and tactile keypad buttons, making navigation seamless for the user.<br /> <br /> A Kid-Friendly Haven<br /> <br /> A durable, easy-to-use and all-around-fun entertaining space<br /> <br /> This basement renovation project was the result of the homeowners’ desire to create a dedicated space—on a very strict budget—where the family could enjoy movies and TV together. The homeowners’ children range in age, so it was also important to have a simple, kid-friendly control system that would stand up to some wear-and-tear.<br /> <br /> From a structural standpoint, there were few challenges. The room had an existing electrical closet that electronic systems contractor Sublime Integration was able to conceal using one of the wallmounted absorbing acoustic panels. This panel is easily removable, and the company made sure the requirements for electrical code were within specification. Additionally, the dimensions of the room restricted Sublime Integration from having the seating centered on the screen—a compromise they were willing to make in favor of comfortable aisle width.<br /> <br /> Although the homeowner put emphasis on budget, he was still eager to pursue a constant-height, multiple-aspect-ratio screen and projector with a motorized lens. Sublime had the Runco VX-3000i CW & AS projector built into the bulkhead at the room’s back and deployed an exhaust system to take care of the thermal load. The acoustically transparent Stewart Filmscreen allowed for correct placement of the LCR channels and two subwoofers located behind the screen. For surround channels, Triad in-wall speakers provide sonic oomph without detracting from the room’s aesthetic<br /> <br />

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