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SUSTAINABLE CHICAGOWinter 2011 By Valerie Miller I don't own a clothes dryer. When I go shopping, I take a bag with me. I can rent a bike to get to work. It may sound noble. I could say I wanted to take a stand for energy consumption but the truth is, I live in London and all of this is normal. No one has dryers (or very few). People look atme a little funny when I ask for a plastic bag at the checkout and since De-cember 2010, people have rented a bike 8,811,527 times instead of driving to work. I am a Chicagoan turned European. Moving to London in January of 2011, I knew adjustments would need to be made. Modern conveniences today dictate that whatever we can get done faster, better and without making a negative im-pact on our environment means it's the way forward. I'm here to argue that some-times slowing down, thinking and making a plan actually lead to a fuller, more eco-friendly life. Laundry Partly because houses are smaller, most homes do not have a laundry room.Washing machines are viewed as a typi-cal kitchen appliance. A single washing machine; some are a dual wash/dry but none are two individual units. Valerie Miller

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