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Local Notes continued The green features of the Newberg Center include: • Bi-facial solar panels that harvest solar energy from the top and bottom of the panels at 25 kilowatts. A second phase will add 75-kilowatt panels to the roof. • The roof and ceilings have structurally insulated panels (SIP), which are two panels with insulated foam in between them. This provides more insula-tion than normal construction because there are less thermal breaks than using rafters and joists. • Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) equipment in each classroom and the office space. When outside tem-peratures are below 55 degrees, the HRV will bring in fresh outside air that is warmed by transferring heat from the hot air being exhausted from the space. • LED light fixtures in the parking lots, the only cam-pus in the district to do this. The lamps cast light down and not into air to honor Newberg’s dark skies policy. Inside the center, all of the light fixtures are T5 bulbs, which are high-efficiency. • Bicycle parking is provided near the front entrance under the solar canopy and there are shower facili-ties to encourage people to ride. • A roof painted white to reflect the sun’s rays and thwart what the architects call “The Heat Island Effect.” This is where dark concrete and asphalt can make it 10 degrees warmer in cities than in natural areas. • Laptops (Netbooks) in the computer labs to save en-ergy as these use less energy and heat up the room less. • Low-flow bathroom fixtures and hand dryers that use 1/10 of the energy of paper towels. • Skylights that are integrated into a sloped ceiling system designed to bring even and diffused light to the classroom and office spaces without the need for electric lights. More information here: Local Notes PCC Seeks Net Zero in Newberg Center PCC’s brand new Newberg Center is the first higher education building in Oregon and one of the first nation-wide to be on the path to becoming Net Zero and be awarded LEED Plati-num certifi-cation. The center has five class-rooms, a con-PCCs Newberg Center ference room and administrative space to serve residents from Newberg, Sherwood and Dundee. The building is anticipated to be Net Zero, Carbon-Neu-tral – meaning it will generate the same amount of energy it expends – once additional solar panels are installed later this year. It currently is one of only a handful of academic facili-ties in the country considered “Net Zero-ready. SPAY • NEUTER • VOLUNTEER • DONATE * OREGON SPAY/NEUTER Help dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives Reduce the environmental impact of unwanted pets Make dogs and cats happier companions Show that you care about pets and the planet Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization Tax ID # 93-068-3959 FUND *Donations Are Tax Deductible. 6 A Practical Journal for Friends of the Environment c d Winter 2011 503-286-2411 www.

PCC Seeks Net Zero in Newberg Center

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