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5. CONTINUED: 4. CONTINUED: Begin scene 2--EXTENDED SHOWER INVITATION! --2007 draft. --Annie's boss Donna became DON in subsequent drafts. INT. DONNA’S OFFICE Donna stands across from Annie who’s cleaning out her locker. She sadly starts to leave. ANNIE Bye. You know, I knew a girl once. Karen Stippleton. She was really something. The life of the party, a concert pianist, she had naturally curly hair, and skin black as night. But one evening at a dinner party I walked in on her in the bathroom putting a vile of cocaine up her buttocks and last I heard, she was playing the saxophone outside of a drug store. And I’m gonna say something to you I should have told her. Don’t waste your life. Find out what your gifts are and use them. Donna hugs Annie, then leaves her in the break room. INT. ANNIE’S APARTMENT. LATER THAT DAY. Annie arrives completely depressed. Outside her doorstep is yet another package. Annie takes it inside. in D” plays and a real BUTTERFLY flies out. She reads, “A Shower for Lillian.” Steve comes over to see. It is a BEAUTIFUL pink and white striped box with her name and address in calligraphy. When Annie opens the lid, “Canon On one side of the box, there is a beautiful SCULPTURE of Lillian and Dougie as Bride and Groom, a CANDLE with Lillian’s face printed on it and some chocolates. Annie takes the invitation out, opens it quickly. Are you kidding me? The invitation reads: ANNIE DONNA Please join us for a Parisian Brunch at the home of Helen Harris III to celebrate the marriage of Lillian Donovan and Douglas Price. Let us “shower” Lillian with gifts and love. Date: Sunday the 20th. Time: 2:00 post meridian. Address and phone number below. Responde S’il Vous Plait. Yay! Annie picks up the phone, calls the R.S.V.P. number. Canon in D. plays. and a recorded message begins. Hello. This is Helen. You have reached the Responde S’il Vous Plait line for Lillian’s shower. You have got to be kidding me. HELEN (V.O.) ANNIE Please listen to all of the following menu options before making your selection. If you would like to reply “oui”, press one. To reply “no”, press two. For where the bride and groom are registered, press three. If you require a vegetarian meal. Press 4. If you are vegan, press 5. A dairy free meal, press 6. Kosher meals will not be available. For the Lillian and Dougie story, narrated by me, please press 7. To hear a twenty-four hour wedding music mix, press 8, put your phone on speaker, light the Atmospheria candle you’ve just received and think about the eternal union that is marriage. I’m Helen Harris IV, and this is me saying au revoir! But before I do, here’s a message from SUSAN SARANDON! Hello, I’m Susan Sarandon, the movie star. I just wanted to say congratulations to Lillian and Dougie. (MORE) (CONTINUED) (CONTINUED) SUSAN SARANDON (V.O.) HELEN (V.O.) (CONT'D) HELEN (V.O.) 36 • WG AW Written B y NO VEMBER/DECEMBER 20 11

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