Radio Guide Sep/Oct-2011 : Page 1 Radio Guide Issue Now On-Line September-October 2011 – Vol. 19, No. 5 Digital Shively Labs – Where FM Antennas Are Not Just a Sideline Inside Radio Guide: This issue on-line at: 6 -Cover Story: Shively Labs – Where Antennas Are Not Just a Sideline 10 -Xtreme Engineering : To Detune or Not To Detune 12 -Transmitter Site : How Do You Say, “BVZST?” 14 -Studio Site: Thinking Out of the Box, -(and Out of the Groove) for 2012 16 -Disaster Preparedness : Post Disaster Recovery – Reaching Out 18 -FCC Focus: A Blast From The Past 22 -Safety and Security: Keeping A Watchful Eye – Video Surveillance 38 -Practical Engineering : Measuring Our Frequencies