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Polk Homes October 22, 2011 : Page 1 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2011 SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 2010 STUDIES BY THE CARPET AND RUG INSTITUTE (CRI) PROVE DOCTORS WRONG If you have been told by your doctor to get rid of your carpet because your child has allergies or other breathing conditions, you need to learn the facts. YOU COULD BE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE. The fact is this is a myth. There is proof you need carpet for a healthy home. There is too much misinformation about one of your largest purchases you will make. Places like the Carpet and Rug Institute are non-profit and have done stud-ies on carpet and the health of your home. True there are dust mites, sand, mold, mildew, etc., on your floors. No matter what floor you have, this will happen. For your health and the health of your family, you need Carpet, the Whole House Filter. SHOCKING HEALTH ISSUES WITH YOUR FLOORS With You Every Step of the Way of Lakeland FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Introductory Brand new Resista Refresh is one of the healthiest choices for your home. • First it’s carpet, the whole house filter. • Next it is Antibacterial with infusion of Silver in the fibers of the carpet. • Resistance to staining. • And what makes this carpet really special is ACTI Fresh, which acts like Arm & Hammer to pull those odors out of the air. Think about that when your family comes in for the holidays. BRANDS: MOHAWK, SHAW, BEAULIEU, ARMSTRONG, STAINMASTER, MANNINGTON, BRUCE, KARNDEAN, BR111, ANDERSON Hardwood, Bamboo, Carpet, Sheet Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl, Ceramics, Porcelains, Cork, Laminates, Complete Showers % 50 sale save up to * NOW 863-701-9411 5729 S. Florida Ave., Lakeland Fl 33813 Home of the lifetime installation guarantee. Locally owned and operated, Lakeland Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Beareu A+ Resista ® Refresh: A silky soft carpet with built-in stain and odor protection. On purchases purchases of of $750 $XXX or or more more with with your your Flooring Flooring America America Wall Wall to to Wall Wall credit On credit card card made made between between 10/17/11 10/17/11 --11/26/11.** 11/26/11.** **See store for details. Subject to credit approval. 3-Years Special Financing ** Resista Refresh is exclusive at Flooring America Hours: M-F 9am-5:30pm Sat 9-3 The myth about hard surface flooring is as simple as this. Doctors tell their patients to get rid of their carpet because of their allergies. That is an expensive way to throw money at a problem to see if it fixes it. Fact is carpet acts as a whole house filter. When dust lands on the carpet, the carpet traps it like a filter for your air conditioner. Unlike your air conditioner filter you don’t have to replace it monthly, just vacuum. In fact, the key to this is to use a HEPA filtered vacuum. That gives you the finest particle capture you can get in a vacuum. I don’t care what design it has. If t is a HEPA it will pull the particles off the floor and not put them back in the air. NOW with hard surfaces the dust lands on the floor and can be lifted into the air be-tween cleanings just by someone walking by and creating turbulences... CONTINUED ON PAGE 5 Where Real Estate Is Bought And Sold In Polk County. Published Every Saturday By INSIDE: Market Values pg 4 Flooring America pg 5 Master Gardener pg 8 Elsewhere Values pg 9 Ask the Energy Expert pg 10 Property Transfers pg 18

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