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Who’s Who in the Painting Industry When not busy with Oro Studios and Axius Studios, McKendry donates his time and artistic talents to local churches, designing and creating theater sets for local performances. He also worked on a one-year project for the National Histori-cal Society of Denver. The project was the restoration of the historic 2nd Church of Christian Science on behalf of the Masters Bible Church. McKendry’s direction helped to secure the funding necessary for a renovation of building’s Victorian inte-rior and full renovation of the four-story pipe organ – the country’s fourth-largest. McKendry also lent his artistic vision by designing gardens and meditation areas to this Denver landmark. McKendry was the recipient of the 2005 MAME Award and 2006 Fauxcademy Trophy winner for Best Trompe l’Oeil Artist. He is one of 63 artists invited to the Meeting of the Masters in 2007. Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint is known for his artistic finishes, murals, furniture and gilding. In business since 2000, he is on the board of directors for IDAL and a member of Florida Golden Palette, Pro-fessional Decorative Artisans and the American Society of Interior Decorators. He is also the art correspondent for the television show Daytime . Jeff Monsein, Splat Paint Tampa, Fla. Standard duct tape Scotch ® Tough Duct Tape -Outdoor Painter’s Clean Removal Regina Garay, Garay Artisans, Inc. Orlando, Fla. Regina Garay and her brother Jason Ros-ales co-own this 17-year-old Florida busi-ness. Garay Artisans was the grand-prize winner of the APC 2008 TOP JOB Awards and first-prize winner in the commercial category of the 2009 TOP JOB Awards. Garay Artisans donated time and paint-ing talent to the second Ronald McDon-ald House in Orlando. They are also working with Enchanted Makeovers, a nonprofit all-volunteer organization that works to remodel women’s and children’s shelters, to recruit volunteers for a Detroit women’s shelter. Garay writes a daily blog titled Fauxol-ogy that aims to teach painters and artists more about decorative painting, interior design and social media. “We have a beau-tiful, loyal readership, and it has been both an accomplishment and a challenge to keep both the content and the look of the blog fresh and informative. It’s a plea-sure to write it for the industry I love,” says Garay. [Hassle-free. No cleanup.] Scotch ® Tough Duct Tape -Outdoor Painter’s Clean Removal Removes clean for up to 14 days, plus it’s waterproof, UV resistant and strong enough to hang poly sheeting. It’s part of a breakthrough line of customized duct tapes created for demanding applications. &#1a;4 
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