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Snap-on Industrial Catalog CAT1100i : Page 454

WHEEL BALANCING Computerized Balancers EEWB308B WB410 Truck/Automotive Wheel Balancer WB410 Truck and Auto Wheel Balancer. • Balance most light truck wheels with center holes from 3.18" to 6.6" with use of standard adaptors • Built-in battery provides power to electronics module, providing complete portability • Built-in jack makes balancing even the heaviest wheels a one man operation • Multiple balancing modes: static, dynamic and four custom modes • Includes small weight tray • Operates on 120VAC, 50/60 Hz line source or 12VDC 6605-000101 Power Adaptor. 120VAC (included). EAK0221J00A Medium Duty Truck Cone Kit. • Use on wheels from 1 1/2 ton and greater medium duty trucks • Applications: Ford F450, F550 and steel wheels • For use with all Snap-on ® wheel balancers with a 28.5mm shaft diameter Optional Accessories: WB1497 Automotive Back Cone Mounting Set. WB1465-01 Adaptor Plate. • For 10-bolt, 11 1/4" (285mm) bolt circle and 8-bolt, 10 3/4" (275mm) bolt circle WB1496-01 Dayton Wheel Adaptor Plate. • For 22" to 24" diameter wheels WB1496-02 Dayton Wheel Adaptor Plate. • For 20" to 22" diameter wheels EAA0346J76A Extension Adaptor. • Permits balancing of extra wide light truck wheels Specifications Accuracy Normal Mode, oz. (grams) Accuracy Fine Mode, oz. (grams) Rim Diameter, inches (mm) Rim Width, inches (mm) Tire Weight, lbs. (kg) *.1 oz. (2 g) on rims less than 17 1/2" in diameter; .25 oz. (5 g) when balancer is dialed down to automotive rims from 2 oz. accuracy on truck rims. WB410 2 (50) * 13-26 (330-660) 4 1 / 2 -15 (114-381) 500 Maximum (227) Motorcycle Wheel Balancer EEWB308B Motorcycle Wheel Balancer. • Quickly, easily and accurately hand spin balance motorcycle wheels • 2 plane weight display makes the system easy to use and understand • Auto brake stops the wheel after the measurements are complete, allowing time to select weights • 12 pockets for standard weights, 1 for tape weights or pliers storage • Auto distance entry speeds setup time: distance is entered in memory with 1 touch • Memory permits storage and instant recall of 2 of the most often used tire parameters or use by 2 operators for faster balancing • Pedal-activated spindle lock holds tire wheel assembly for accurate weight placement • Required install space: 60"Wx48"D (1524x1219mm) • VPI (Virtual Plane Imaging) technology provides unsurpassed accuracy (within 0.7 degrees and 0.1 oz.) • Self-calibration ensures accurate balancing EAK0221J64A Power Adaptor. • 120 VAC, 60Hz (included) Specifications Accuracy, oz. (grams) Weight Placement Resolution Cycle Time (15" wheel) Shaft Measuring Speed Shaft Capacity, lbs. (kg) Rim Diameter, inches (mm) Rim Width, inches (mm) Tire Diameter, inches (mm) Tire Width, inches (mm) Electrical Requirements Shipping Weight, lbs. (kg) TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1-800-225-5786 EEWB308B 0.10 (2.8) ±0.7° approx. 8 seconds less than 100 RPM 60 (27.2) maximum 6-30 (152-762) 1-20 (25-508) 44 (1,117) maximum 16 (406.4) maximum 120VAC 225 (102) with standard accessories 454

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