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January/February 2011 • Number 925 Jaguar™ Gerbera – Tips for a Successful Crop by Harvey Lang ew plants catch the eye of the consumer more than gerbera daisies. Throughout the past decade these plants have become a hot impulse buy at retail. Consumers find the plant in a wide color range, from soft pinks and whites to fiery reds, oranges, and yellows (Figures 1 and 2, page 8). Several colorful flower forms continue to hit the market every year, from semi-double types to those with attractive dark, brown centers. Gerberas are also grown as cut flowers and are commonly used in floral arrangements. A popular potted gerbera line used by commercial growers is the Syngenta Flowers Jaguar™ gerbera series. Syngenta’s wide assortment of Jaguar gerberas comes in 15 colors and 1 mix. They are popular in the spring to summer season, but can also F be grown for Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, and other off-season holidays. Consumers can use them as either indoor potted plants or in the outdoor landscape. There are several reasons the Jaguar gerbera has taken off within the greenhouse industry: • Growers like the early and uniform flowering within the series, along with the flush of multiple blooms. • Jaguar’s smaller leaf size and controlled growth habit allows tighter spacing and less disease issues within the crop. Continued on page 8 Achieving Success in a New Economy: Ten Tips to Top Notch Performance by Bridget K. Behe I n this period of economic recovery, even mediocre businesses are threatened with extinction. What is a business to do? Working harder may bring some increment of success, but working smarter may boost the invested effort. What might be 10 things a top-notch business will be doing this year to not only survive, but thrive? 1. Success in this new economy can be enhanced with teamwork taking new directions and new dimensions . Teamwork isn’t anything new to a successful business. Likely, you’ve hired well or learned your lessons from not hiring well. Now you check references, conduct drug tests, and perhaps even run credit checks on potential employees who take on key positions. But teamwork for the successful business goes outside the firm’s doors and runs up and down the supply chain. Successful businesses take seriously the partnerships with those who buy their products (for growers, this would be shippers, retailers, and landscapers) and those who supply them (for growers, this would be fertilizer, media, tag, and other input companies). Continued on page 11 Inside this Edition ... Jaguar™ Gerbera – Tips for a Successful Crop Achieving Success in a New Economy: Ten Tips to Top Notch Performance OFA Makes Plans for the Future of the Industry Understanding Irrigation Water from a Nutritional Standpoint 1 1 2 3 Creating Profitable Garden Center Workshops Get Social! Pesticide Mixtures: A Review USDA Rural Energy for America Program Grants (REAP) for Greenhouse Energy Efficiency Understanding Plants: Part 3 14 17 19 23 25 Veterans vs. Hot Shot Newbies: Relieving Tension in the Workplace 26 28 AFE Research Report: Downy Mildew on Snapdragons – Update on Environmental Monitoring Communicating the Sustainable Use of Pesticides 30 OFA News 31

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