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Make white elements in a room crisply stand out with deep tones, like this soft evergreen color, painted by Easy Designs. Rooms owner Lucy Schwarz. C OLOR C OURAGE Choosing the right color for a room can be a daunting task. “Most people are afraid of using color other than safe, light earth tones,” says Anthony Chieffo, Jr., owner of Ajacs Painting, LLC. “I always try to get clients to step out of their comfort zone and take a chance with colors that will make a statement.” Chieffo says that one of the biggest challenges is getting homeowners to visualize the room from a two-inch-square paint chip. “I allow them to choose a few colors and will put up a large sample of those colors right on their wall while we are preparing to start the job. I always explain that it’s only paint and is easy to change,” he says. “Take your flooring, upholstery, wood tones, and the room’s exposure to sun into account when you sit down with your paint chips,” says Craig Brennan, owner of Brennan’s Custom Painting, LLC. He advises clients that the best time to make a paint color selection is during daylight when there’s plenty of natural light around. “Work with what you have; don’t buy into the concept that the latest color palette will automatically work for you. Painting one accent wall may be all that it takes for that designer look. You want your guests to exclaim, ‘What a beautiful room!’ rather than, ‘Oh, that’s an interesting wall color.’” Brennan suggests using complementary instead of matching colors for the most visual interest. He says to try out paint like you try on clothing, testing out several before making a decision. “Try applying the paint to an inexpensive poster board and attach it to the wall with painter’s tape. Live with it for three days before making a final decision. Move the board to different walls and observe the effects in both artificial and natural light.” Brennan says to keep the winning poster board which can be used when shopping for furniture or accessories. Michael Colkett, owner of Colkett Painting advises homeowners that even dark colors can benefit a room. “If you look at a white wall, the corners are defined by the shadows showing exactly where they end, whereas with dark colors the shadows are much less noticeable.” He says whites actually aren’t the “safe” option because of the tones they highlight. “Color makes the gray tones dissipate.” E CO -F RIENDLY P AINT T RENDS “Low VOC and low odor paints are becoming very popular,” says Scott S. Benner, Sr., secretary/treasurer for Benner & Sons, Inc., “especially since the current paints still maintain performance.” Low VOC paints are those with low levels of volatile organic compounds—products that, while not necessarily toxic, have been found to impact people’s health as well as that of theenvironment. >>> The finishing touch to any room in your home Crown Moulding • Chair Rails • Custom Built-Ins • Finished Basements Call for our WINTER BASEMENT SPECIAL R OOM E NHANCEMENTS Moulding Design & Installation $ 595 12x12 room trimmed with crown moulding, chair rail & up to 12 shadow boxes. Limited time offer. Baseboards not included. • • • • 856-832-4224 JANUAR Y 2011 SOUTH JERSEY HOUSE & HOME 51

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