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EDUCATIONAL ON THE INSTITUTIONS COVER Truly Great Friends THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO One of our favourite things about homeschooling is the by Stacey Ibach flexibility it provides us in Homeschool parent our daily choices . What tops that list is to get together with friends! We are very fortune to have a family, the Reimer’s, with children the same age, who have chosen to homeschool . They are truly great friends . With this special friendship comes endless impromptu adventures that would otherwise be missing from our overly scheduled lifestyle . We have a joint passion to search for unique playgrounds throughout the city and join whatever programs we find interesting together . We join in the joys of each other’s discoveries, accomplishments and even disappointments as we travel this homeschooling journey side by side . Olympic Excitement mountain air encouraged us to venture forth . Everyone scrambled into their snow pants, grabbed their gear and headed to the Lake . As we emerged from the forested path and entered the hotel grounds we discovered an ice castle and… the Olympic symbols in an ice sculpture! Even with The 2010 Winter Olympics in the crowds we had plenty of Vancouver was something we shared Snow Buddies room to shuffle around the ice with enthusiasm . We loved the great and enjoy what proved to be a moments . The athlete’s triumphs and beautiful sunny winter day in the Canadian Rockies . failures were relived together every meeting . At the conclusion of the Games we were all feeling a sense Eventually we retired our skates and explored the of loss . To lift our spirits we decided to go skating . hotel . We ate lunch overlooking the Lake and enjoyed We couldn’t just go anywhere…it needed to be hot chocolate before heading back to the Calgary . someplace grand! Lake It was a glorious morning Louise with all its crisp and a great way to exercise beauty and view of the the flexibility homeschooling Victoria Glacier came to affords us . However sharing mind immediately . this experience with friends With friends, lunch, skates and helmets we ventured out of the city . Upon entering the parking lot and discovering how busy it was we were not particularly optimistic but the smell of fresh was the highlight of the day . Connecting with friends is such an important part of learning more about yourself and feeling part of a community . The Reimer family has always made us feel part of something special and we are truly grateful to have them in our lives . v WINTER 2011 7 Ice Castle Fun

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