Radio Guide Sep/Oct-2010 : Page 1 Radio Guide September-October 2010 – Vol. 18, No. 5 Kintronic Labs – Spanning the History of AM Terrestrial Radio Inside Radio Guide: This issue on-line at: 6 -Cover Story: Kintronic Labs – Spanning the History of Terrestrial AM Radio 10 -Xtreme Engineering: Tilted Tower – Does Your Station Need TLC? 12 -Transmitter Site: Properties of Open and Shorted Feedlines 14 -Studio Site: Lacing Up More Studio Improvements on a Shoestring 16 -Disaster Preparedness: Planning For Disaster – Unintentionally 18 -FCC Focus: Political Ads – Yes or No? 22 -Safety and Security: Radiation – Part 3 38 -Practical Engineering: Report It! Digital Issue Now On-Line

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