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Viera Voice SCHOOL VHS instructor teams with Adobe to keep digital arts in media current BY MEAGAN MCGONE Gone are the days in the classroom where students saved �iles on �loppy disks or �lipped through a large brown dictionary to �ind the meaning of a word. With Google offering more conve-nience than traditional ency-clopedias and media centers replacing libraries every-where, schools try to stay up-to-date as the technological world grows. Peter Episcopo, developer of the Academy for Digital Arts & Media at Viera High School, strives to keep VHS current in the rapidly chang-ing area of production soft-ware. Episcopo, known as Mr. E by his students, serves as the only Adobe Education Leader in Brevard and pro-motes excellence in educa-tion through the integration of Adobe Systems software in his curriculum. Adobe Systems is known for the software it produces such as Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects and Premiere Pro, which are used for creative and multimedia purposes. To become an Adobe Ed Leader, an educator must be instru-mental in providing their peers with training, support, research and inspiration for implementing effective tech-nology solutions in the class-room and on campus. “It’s a privilege to be asked” to be an Adobe Ed Leader,” Episcopo said, “as there are about 110 worldwide.” There are perks of being an Adobe Ed Leader for both Episcopo and his students. The job allows him to travel around the country working with Adobe professionals at conferences and trade shows. This summer, Episcopo spent a week at Adobe’s headquar-ters in San Jose, Calif., at the Adobe Ed Leader Summer Institute where he learned about new software and gave input on what’s already out. In return, Episcopo can teach students the most updated visual design techniques. “I know what’s com-ing a year from now, so I teach it sooner,” he said. “It really bene�its the students.” His passion for in-dustry certi�ication has resulted in hundreds of his students becoming certi�ied as of 2010, ac-cording to his Website. And in the past year, 100 percent of his stu-dents passed the exam to become certi�ied. “It’s pretty cool to have a major indus-try-leading software company validate what you’re doing in educa-tion,” Episcopo said. “It’s really quite an honor.” VV Pete Episcopo, a digital media instructor at Viera High School, visits the Adobe Systems Inc. headquarters in San Jose, Calif. in July. As an Adobe Educati on Leader, Episcopo att ends conferences around the country to educate himself and his students on the newest innovati ons of the soft ware. VIERA VOICE Photo Countdown to Success! A Successful Education Requires Good Reading and Learning Skills Come discover how brain training can launch a successful school year and meet Payload Specialist Samuel T. Durrance September 16th, Indialantic September23rd, Viera 5-8 PM Indialantic 225 5th Ave, Ste 7 321.727.3996 Viera 5425 Village Drive, Ste 105 321.631.3996 Drop by either location to be photographed with an astronaut, , experience brain training from an astronauts perspective, enjoy refreshments, and enter to win a family pass to Kennedy Space Center. 12 Viera Voice • September 2010 Discover how brain training can unlock your child’s potential!

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