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NEW PRODUCTS Bypass/Isolation Switches RTS Series Floor Protector Scotchguard Bypass/Isolation Switches are UL labeled and listed for 30-cycle closing and withstand rat- ings based on testing per UL Standard 1008. Available in continuous current ratings from 100 to 3,000 amps, the switches are designed to simplify the selective coordination of over- current devices in backup power systems. The product line combines an automatic transfer switch with a manual bypass/isolation switch, allowing the transfer switch to be isolated for inspection, maintenance, repair or testing. Russelectric Inc., Hingham, Mass. For more information, call (781) 749-6000 or visit russelectric.com. Door Grasp Vinyl Floor Protector is designed to deliver glossy, durable floors that are easier to maintain in moderate- to high-traffic areas within medical facili- ties and com- mercial and education buildings. The pr oduct requires only two coats to offer protec- tion and contains nano-sized inorganic parti- cles that, when cured, produce a surface that is up to six times more abrasion resistant than acrylic finishes. The product lasts for up to one year, with minimal maintenance time. 3M, St. Paul, Minn. For more information, call (866) 654-3679 or visit 3M.com/floorfinish. Pillow Speakers The SanitGrasp door pull/handle is in the shape of a “J” to allow a person to open a rest- room door with their closed fist, wrist or forearm. The product is made of sturdy 12- gauge stainless steel plate and offers antibac- terial protection. It is easier to use by disabled persons and is designed to reduce the spread of germs in public places such as offices, gov- ernment agencies, churches, factories, hotels and more. Commercial Restroom Products, Westerville, Ohio. For more information, call (866) 236-8046 or visit commercialrestroomproducts.com. MAY/JUNE 2010 These pillow speakers have the capability to operate cable or satellite TV set- top boxes, allow- ing facilities to give patients access to the devices, as well as video-on- demand features and menu navi- gation, without needing a sepa- rate remote. The EntertainIR plat- form of speakers is the only unit on the market with these capabilities. The Excel pillow speaker family includes Excel EntertainIR, Digital and Lt, allowing facilities to choose configurations and functions to meet the needs of patients and nurse call systems. Crest Healthcare Supply, Dassel, Minn. For more information, call (800) 328-8908 or visit cresthealthcare.com. Firestop Plug This company offers a flexible intumes- cent firestop plug for interior sealing of metallic conduits and conduit sleeves in floors and walls. The SpecSeal Series FP is UL tested and classified for use in up to two hours rated walls and floors in all com- mon constructions with cable loadings ranging from zero (empty) to 33 percent. Designed for temporary or permanent seal- ing, the plug expands rapidly when heated to close off around combustible jacketed cables. Specified Technologies Inc., Somerville, N.J. For more information, call (800) 992-1180 or visit stifirestop.com. Air Monitoring The Wireless IAQ Profile PPMonitor is a continuous monitor of the indoor air envi- ronment, able to detect, measure and record up to eight parameters including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and more. The system is designed to provide immediate warnings of harmful gases in the air, to facilitate early building evacuation. It is easy to operate, with a manager PC connected to the net- work using a Telegesis ZigBee USB module, allowing for transmission and receipt of information to and from a selected wireless unit. PPM Technology Ltd, Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom. F For more information, call +44 (0)1286 676 999 or visit ppm-technology.com. facilitycare.com FACILITYCARE | 37

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