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TOPJOB – Winner, Decorative Duration Satin 6145. The volume of wall space required this part of the project to be completed in phases as the house was ready. Though the original job had been packaged with the builder, Lord held meetings with the clients for color selections and samples for the space. Once he met with the clients, the conversation naturally evolved into discussions on other areas of the home. The clients perused stock samples and chose favorites for individual rooms. Lord then created unique samples that coordinated with the colors, fixtures and textures in a specific room, such as granite, lighting, tiles and cabinets. Eventually these meetings led to finishes in nine bathrooms and on four fireplaces. over the entire The clients were seeking a modern, young-adult look for this bathroom. It was base coated in Neutral Setcoat followed by a skim coat of Brown Suede usterStone applied surface. Once dry, a slightly raised ran- dom texture coat of the same LusterStone added dimension. A sheer glaze of Satin and Seal Antique Mahogany was applied and a window squeegee used to pull the glaze down, removing it in some areas and lifting the squeegee slightly to allow the stain to gather in other areas. The method creates a random horizontal pattern, while the LusterStone underneath creates a soft, metallic glow. The second bathroom is off a young girl’s room. The clients wanted some “bling” but something the young lady would be comfortable with through high school. A vertical stripe pattern was cho- sen to create a casual, classic contempo- rary feel; however, to create a softer look, the stripes were hand-painted, giving them a soft edge. Lord started with a base coat of SetCoat Neutral. The striping process began with coat of Wunda Size, and once tacky, pewter foil was trans- ferred onto the Wunda Size by using a scrub brush. AquaCreme and Faux Crème were mixed to make a glaze that was rolled on and patted off with cheese- cloth. While the glaze was still damp, it was spattered heavily with rubbing alco- hol and cross-brushed with a soft blend- ing brush to create a pitted look. A v e r t ical pattern was also chosen for the third bathroom, but with a bolder pattern and design. Lord started out with a base coat of Camel SetCoat and used a laser level to help establish the vertical pattern. A coat ofWunda Size was applied to the wall, and then pewter and gold foil was applied, using a scrub brush.A chip brush was used to loosely scrub on Mandarin Red LusterStone, creating the dark- er of the two vertical stripes. LusterStone was hand-painted with a small brush to create the darkest and thinnest stripe. American Painting Contractor • March 2010 25

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