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Luxury CE Magazine Dec/Jan 2010 Photography by John Faier DESIGN & INNOVATION Under Control A homegrown control platform aims to pay off for a Chicago integrator by David Dritsas One of the biggest hurdles for an A/V integrator is convincing the client that an integrated home-control system will be easy to use. Even harder, sometimes, is convincing the client’s architect or interior designer. On top of that, it’s a challenge to find a system that can accommodate configuration changes without having to make frequent home visits. This is partly what led Chicago-based Integrisys to develop a home-automation and integration system of its very own. Integrisys is active in just about every level of development in greater Chicago— residential, commer- cial and hospitali- ty—and is working on some large proj- ects, including the recently completed Ritz-Carlton resi- dences. In fact, it was this high-end, high-rise project that led Integrisys to be- come more heavily involved in designing infrastructure sys- tems for these kinds of complex projects. “It was because of those high-end, high-rise projects that we needed to have more control, so we started working with them on the infrastructure side,” explains George Velazquez, the founder and owner of Integrisys. “We started doing more in- frastructure design and engineering, and providing of those services.” Since moving into software design, Ve- lazquez and his company were able to de- velop different services for different target markets. For example, Integrisys’ TechSe- lect program, for the multi-dweller unit (MDU) category, allows developers to select from different packages of home au- AMX platform and we de- veloped LivSystem, which is our own solution that resides on the AMX hard- ware. [It] not only has more elegant graphics, but allows the user to make changes themselves.” Perhaps the last part is the most important: The user interface provides customers with a high lev- el of control and set-up, allowing them to create programs without having to call the installer. Untying the SyStem The heart of what tomation and A/V equipment—and offer those packages to tenants. The company also creates software for property manag- ers, called InteliPlex, which enables build- ing services to communicate with tenants, and offer concierge-type services. But one of the most interesting plat- forms the company has devised is its new- ly developed LivSystem. Aimed at the resi- dential market, LivSystem is a web-based home-automation and integration system that can operate A/V, create automated “modes” and “scenes,” and operate light- ing/shade control to name a few. “As we continued to emerge in the single-family home [market], we took the makes the LivSystem flexible is its web- based foundation (though the heart of the control system can still work if the Inter- net connection is down). Velazquez and his team wanted to take a different route instead of using touch panels that were tied to a single manufacturer. Currently, the company designs the system using AMX for the hardware, but other web- based panels can be used if necessary. In addition, the company has created a way for LivSystem to be accessed on mobile devices with web capabilities, such as an iPhone or Palm Pre. The work on the system began more than a year ago. Currently, Integrisys is in 35

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