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January/February 2010 • Number 919 Effectively Integrating Biocontrol Agents into Pest Management by Suzanne Wainwright-Evans their pest management programs. As growers are moving in this direction, they are finding positive results on several fronts. T Biological Benefits From an economic perspective, implementing biocontrol practices in certain crops has been shown to reduce overall expenditures for pest control. Utilizing “the good guys” also allows re-entry into the treated areas and work in the treated greenhouses without waiting for the toxicity of recently applied Integrative Marketing D by Bridget K. Behe o you sometimes feel as though your marketing, merchandising, and communications efforts are going in different directions? Are you spending money on displays, advertisements, and the Internet and still not sure what is working and what isn’t? Does it sometimes seem like your marketing and merchandising plans as well as your budgets are in disarray? Maybe now is the perfect time to think about how to integrate all of your marketing efforts into one cohesive plan. Think about all of the in-store and out-of-store marketing and communications efforts you’re doing. Integrating them can be an ideal way to leverage the efforts to get better results for both sales and profits. Integrating your marketing begins with a calendar Inside this Edition... Effectively Integrating Biocontrol Agents in Pest Management Integrative Marketing Letter from the Editor Research to Discover Strategies for Spray Delivery Success 1 1 2 3 Staying Relevant Interiorscaping in a New Market How Long Do Sanitizing Chemicals Last 11 12 13 in Irrigation Water? Building Your Reputation as a Good Place to Work 15 Resistance Management: Principles of Resistance, 17 Mode of Action, and Pesticide Rotation Bulking Echinacea and Decreasing Plant Losses Ask the Doctor: Mealybug Control – It’s Worth the Wait OFA News 24 28 30 that helps you get the big picture. After that, add your in-store and out-of-store efforts, along with electronic communications. Tie that up with goals and ways to measure success, and your marketing program can be successfully integrated to produce better results. Make a Calendar Many production/retail facilities wouldn’t dream of growing plants without their annual production calendar. That calendar keeps track of efforts for all crops across each week. Your Continued on page 7 here is no doubt that an increasing number of greenhouse growers are integrating some form of biological control into pesticides to drop to an acceptable level for human beings. With employees having unrestricted access to the production areas without consideration for exposure to pesticides, the flexibility of scheduling promotes more effective use of resources, another financial advantage. (Figure 1, page 5) Another benefit to biocontrol is not worrying about pesticide resistance, modes of action, and rotating pesticides. When a pest insect or mite has been eaten by a biological control agent, the pests are dead, and you can’t really build resistance to being eaten. Continued on page 5

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