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Review School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences Vol. 18 No. 3, 2009 CONTAINER RECYCLING, ALASKA STYLE New nest, old hanging basket Great horned owl fell out of the nest I am a student in Natural Resources Man- agement at UAF, and I have completed most of my degree from my home in Glenallen. I work for BLM, but I have a great interest in rehabilitating wild injured and orphaned animals. I am completing my senior thesis research project on the feasibility of establishing an animal rescue shelter in Glenallen. Sometimes a rescue takes some creativity such as this great horned owl baby that fell out of its nest. On the ground, this owl was vulnerable to pre- dation and likely would not have survived the night. The best chance for survival was to get the owl back up in the tree and hope the parents could find and feed it. The nest with its siblings was too high, so I climbed the tree, attached an old hanging basket, and put the baby owl in the basket. Lo and behold, the mama found the makeshift nest, fed the baby, and the whole family is thriving! - Tamara Lozano Getting settled Back with siblings. All’s well now! 1 Doing well in the basket All photos by Tamara Lozano

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