Sonoma Family Life Magazine November 2009 : Page 13

“Mom, everyone knows you get a corsage.” “Everyone?” “Yes,” he said. Mom, everyone knows you get a corsage.” “Everyone?” “Yes,” he said. t t them at Safeway.” t them y store? You don’t get es at the grocery store.” ou do. That’s where you get them.” w this how?” . E es at th ou do. T w “I just know. Everyone knows that’s where you get corsages.” Everyone except me, apparently. On Friday I wandered into the fl orist. “I need to buy a corsage for my date for homecoming,” I said with just the slightest bit of sarcasm. This date that I wasn’t going on was starting to cost me a fortune. The girl behind the counter looked at me blankly. “Hurry,” he shrieked. “I’m going to be late.” We pulled up to the house just a few minutes behind schedule. It was now 5:30. It was in that moment that I realized something shocking. In between the plumbing, carpentry and power shopping of the day, I had forgotten to brush my teeth and wash my face and I was about to meet the girl’s parents. “Oh well,” I thought to myself, so much for good fi rst impressions. It had been a hell of a day and this was a big moment, a seminal moment in the life of this young man and his journey into adulthood. I would just have to buck up and deal with it. “Do you even know what a corsage is?” “She’s wearing a plum/silvery sort of taffeta dress. What color would look good with that?” The fl orist came out from the back room. “Ivory,” he said, not missing a beat. “I could do something with tiny ivory roses with a yellow accent. Maybe a yellow ribbon.” “Sounds lovely,” I said. On Saturday, between replacing the kitchen faucet and installing a new handle on the front door, we ran out to buy the new shirt and tie and preview the senior pictures. Soon it was time to get ready. Shirt? Check. Tie? Check. Pants? Pants? “I’ll be right back,” I yelled as I ran out the door. Camera in hand, I took a few deep breaths, popped a couple of mints and tried to compose myself. I made nice with the other parents, keeping a safe distance lest my secret be revealed. After small talk, photos and a well-deserved glass of wine, I piled into the old brown sedan, found my way back onto the freeway and headed towards home. No sooner had I turned the corner than the waves began to wash over me, memories lapping up on the shore, over and over again. And I began to cry. It had been a long day but somehow we made it. He was dressed and ready to go and the tiny ivory rose corsage did look lovely against the plum/silvery taffeta dress. And although I’m not particularly objective, he did look awfully handsome. You almost didn’t notice he was wearing sneakers. ¶ Suzanne Maggio-Hucek is a writer, family therapist and psychology instructor at Sonoma State University and Santa Rosa Junior College. She is the mother of two teenage boys who often serve as inspiration for the essays she posts on her blog, the bottom of the ninth November 2009 SANTA ROSA CO-OP PRESCHOOL EST. 1951 APlace to Play. APlace to Learn. APlace to Grow. • Accepting 2–5 Years Old • Before & After School Care Option • Positive Discipline: ~ Parenting tools using kind and fi rm techniques ~ Encouragement with mutual respect ~ Natural and logical consequences Now accepting applications for Fall 2009 579-3718 Sonoma Family-Life 13 MIRACLE Surrogate BE SOMEONE’S Carriers Needed Up to $35,000 + expenses. Help an infertile couple by carrying their baby! If you are 22–39, N/S, N/D, and have previously given birth, call: Jackie Gorton, Nurse Attorney (415) 485-1969. Egg Donors Needed Up to $10,000 + expenses. Women between 21–30, N/S, N/D, grad or attending 4 year university, give an infertile couple a chance to start a family by donating your eggs. Call (415) 485-1969 for information and appointment.

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