The Oxford American Issue 66: Southern Literature : Cover

THE SOUTHERN MAGAZINE OF GOOD WRITING From Agee to ZorA the Best southern Books oF All time We Pol l 125+ scholars and Wri ters PROUDLY PUBLISHED FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARKANSAS he Doesn’t hAte it! new oA columnist takes Aim (with love Darts) is Wi l l iaM FaUlkner too roWdy For the classrooM? A BlAck Writer Duels nAthAn BeDForD Forrest over southern history S out h e r n Li t e r at ur e euDorA, FlAnnery, & cArson: Pretender s to the throne or shor t -story royal ty? What’s Up With Modern soUthern F iction? Responses by Wendell Berry, Barb Johnson, Jack Pendarvis, & Alex Taylor IS NEVER DEAD I T ’s N O T hoW to sUrvive: Wr i ter ’s Block, reject ion by edi tors, your absent Muse, and yankee aunts the WilD, DisturBing syntAx oF BArry hAnnAh EVEN PA S T Who love s Big, Bad thoMas Wol F e ? Poems ABout: nymphomania, Jesus, vul tures, & an Argument

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